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YÖK (Higher Education Council) Awards the Orange Flag to KTO Karatay University

The Higher Education Council (YÖK) has announced the universities that have received the "2023 Accessible Universities Awards." KTO Karatay University in Konya, Turkey, has been recognized among the universities receiving the "Accessibility in Space Orange Flag Award," once again making a name for itself with this achievement.

KTO Karatay University Adds Another Achievement to Its World Rankings

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University has secured its place among the best universities on the list, which includes 1,591 universities from 112 countries, determining the world's top universities.

KTO Karatay University Has Made Its Name In The World Rankings

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University ranked 4101st among world universities in the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) Publication Assessment Platform.

Early Diagnosis Of Cancer, The Disease Of The Time, Is Of Vital Importance

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 20 million new cases of cancer in the world every year and about 235 thousand new cases of cancer in our country. Cancer ranks amongst the diseases that cause the most deaths in society. Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University School of Health Sciences Director Assoc. Dr. Füsun Sunar communicated valuable information about the diagnosis and possible treatment of cancer.

Farewell Program For Students From Indonesia Muhammadiyyah Yogyakarta

As part of the exchange program between Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University and Indonesia Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University, a farewell program was held for the ten students who studied at the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences for six months.

Champion Karatay Men's Basketball Team

The men's basketball team of Karatay University of Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) has won the championship of the regional men's basketball competitions organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation.

The Only Woman In Turkey To Be Ranked In The Cambridge Ifa 2022 Report With Her Academic Studies: Assoc. Dr. Kamola Bayram

The Cambridge Institute of Islamic Finance (IFA) report for 2022 has been published. One of the academics of the Faculty of Economic, Administrative, and Social Sciences of KTO Karatay University, Department of Islamic Economics and Finance, Assoc. Dr. Kamola Bayram became the only woman to rank in Turkey with her academic studies in the field of Islamic economics and finance.

TUBITAK "BIGG" (Entrepreneurship Support Program) Success From KTO Karatay University

The TÜBİTAK 1512 Entrepreneurship Development Program (BiGG) has announced new implementing organizations to serve entrepreneurs between 2023-2025. The Karatay University of Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) was accredited as an implementing organization with the project it implemented in partnership with TOBB ETÜ and ASELSAN (Military Electronics Industries).

With A Project Acceptance Rate Of 90%, As KTO Karatay University, We Rank At The Top Of The TÜBİTAK Student Projects.

The results of the applications submitted under the 2022/1 period of the "2209-A University Students Research Projects Support Program" of the TUBITAK Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Directorate of Science and Human Resources Support Program have been announced. Students of the Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) at Karatay University have achieved great success with their projects under the 2209-A program. 90% of the projects of the KTO Karatay students were accepted.

KTO Karatay University Ranks 2nd In The Most Efficient Use Of The Erasmus+ Grant

The Turkish National Agency has announced the institutions that have not returned the Erasmus+ grants in the last three years. According to the results of the Turkish National Agency, Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO), Karatay University has achieved tremendous success by ranking second among institutions not returning Erasmus grants.

KTO Karatay University Ranks 12th Among Foundation Universities In Turkey In World Scientist And University Rankings

The 2023 World Scientist and University Rankings list has been published. Whilst 29 academics from Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University made it to the list, KTO Karatay University achieved tremendous success by ranking 12th among Turkey's foundation universities.

Where Art Meets Science: KTO Karatay University Faculty Of Fine Arts And Design

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at KTO Karatay University continues its activities by providing art education that exceeds the standard with the philosophy of educating students who can capably shed a light on the future.

KTO Karatay University Ranks In The Top 20 In Turkish University Satisfaction Survey

The results of the Turkish University Satisfaction Survey (TÜMA) 2022 have been announced. According to the results of the TÜMA 2022, Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO), Karatay University has achieved tremendous success by ranking in the top 20 among foundation universities.

KTO Karatay University Of Financial, Administrative, And Social Sciences Trains Competent Managers And Experts In Their Fields

KTO Karatay University's Faculty of Business, Administration, and Social Sciences, which derives its competitiveness from its two main degree programs and staff consisting of competent academics, trains innovative, confident leaders and experts.

Engineering And Science Education Supported By A Centre For Smart Technologies And A Model Factory

The Faculty of Engineering and Science at Karatay University in Konya (KTO) plays a leading role in academic and scientific development by following international standards in education, training, and scientific research.

Cooperation Protocol Signed Between KTO Karatay University And Airlangga University

Konya Chamber of Commerce Karatay University (KTO), prominent for its successful studies and cooperation at the international level, and Airlangga University, one of Indonesia's leading universities, signed a cooperation protocol. Within the framework of the signed protocol, joint studies will be conducted in academic, social, and cultural fields.

KTO Karatay University Ranks 5th Among Universities Investing In R&D Programmes!

Konya Chamber of Commerce Karatay University (KTO) has once again proven its success with its academic achievements, as per the data of the Higher Education Institutions 2021 Foundation Report of the Higher Education Council (YÖK).

We Are Ranked 15th Among 153 Universities Nationwide In The Employment Ranking Among Universities In Turkey!

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University has once again solidified its success in employment, fastest job search, placement time, and working in a job suitable for their qualifications in the data of the Counsellor Information System (DABİS) of the Presidential Office of Human Resources.