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The objectives of KTO Karatay University are to carry out educational and service activities by providing the necessary resources with an energy management system based on continuous improvement and development pursuant to national and international legal requirements and regulations.

In line with the stated objectives; KTO Karatay University agrees and undertakes;

  • To ensure that the energy management system is integrated into all the company's management systems on the basis of a continuous development strategy
  • To support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services that affect energy efficiency
  • To be cognizant of the negative impact of air pollution factors on quality of life on all levels in order to mitigate the impact of air pollutants on the business, including greenhouse gases, expressed as a carbon footprint
  • To raise fair awareness and form a corporate culture for the use and promotion of renewable energy sources
  • To continuously measure and improve overall energy performance in such a way that increases sustainable energy efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To support and contribute the protection of the environment whilst also prioritizing energy efficiency in the investments and activities planned with our internal stakeholders.