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Dear students, Valued KTO Karatay University family

I commenced my role as the Rector at Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University in March 2022.

Konya Chamber of Commerce has made most valuable investment in humanity, KTO Karatay University. The university, boasting a robust subsidiary structure, social respectability, deep-rooted institutional culture, support from the business world, human and physical capital, and technological infrastructure, acts as one of the most prestigious foundation universities in Turkey.

At the Central Campus, situated within the Konya Chamber of Commerce Technology and Education Campus, KTO Karatay University stands as a true foundation university in physical terms, with elements and a Pilot Training Runway. The university encompasses a robust human resource structure, boasting approximately 400 academicians and 290 administrative staff. We take pride in the strong academic foundation and dedicated personnel that contribute to the vibrant and dynamic environment of our esteemed institution.

8.500 students from approximately 70 cities of Türkiye and 600 students from 65 countries have contributed to form a multicultural education atmosphere.

Our university, in line with the goals of our county in the 11th development plan, has been focusing on prioritized fields such as information technology, smart technologies, digital transformation, aviation and space, logistics and energy infrastructure, electronics, and machinery-electrical equipment.

In line with this, our university, engaged in scientific research, is developing a research ecosystem through structures such as the Smart Technologies Center, Model Factory, Medical Faculty Central Research Laboratory, Development-Focused Strategic Research Center, and Energy Efficiency Assessment Center, either owned or in collaboration with our affiliates.

I fulfill my duty as The Rector of KTO Karatay University in line with our country’s strategic goals and the objectives within 2021-2025 Strategic Plan of our university. Enhancing the quality of education, increasing the quality and quantity of scientific research, establishing effective collaborations in international relations, fostering efficient and sustainable university-industry partnerships, embracing institutional governance, strengthening the sense of social responsibility, and enhancing alumni relations will be among my primary objectives.

Dear KTO Karatay University members,

We will reach towards our goals together. In today's world, where frequently changes occur in the concepts of time and space, we will continue to implement our project-based educational philosophy as individuals who are not just followers or consumers of technology but producers, individuals who never lose their excitement.

We will continue to write our success story with a spirit of unity and togetherness.

Best Regards,


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