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The Registry and Cargo Office registers the official letters, petitions, and other requests sent to our university by other public institutions, legal entities, and private persons through the Electronic Document Management System (EBYS) and sends them to the relevant persons and units, prepares and sends official letters from our university to other public institutions and organizations, private institutions and individuals, and carries out Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) transactions, and it was established on 20.04.2020 in accordance with Article 35th of the KTO Karatay University Basic Regulation in order to manage the Electronic Document Management System (EBYS), to prepare the Senate and the University Administrative Board meeting preparations, to write and distribute the decisions taken, to coordinate and supervise the archive activities in accordance with the rules specified in the law and regulations, to carry out and follow up the University mail-cargo operations.



  • To monitor and finalize petitions.
  • To use Electronic Document Management System (EBYS), to ensure the fast and efficient flow of all documents sent to our university, both internally and externally.
  • To carry out the correspondence of the Rectorate and the General Secretariat.
  • To implement procedures for daily monitoring and managing urgent and sensitive correspondence from all government departments and agencies, assigning mail to the appropriate departments based on urgency and notifying them by fax or email.
  • The Electronic Document Management System (EBYS) improves the quality of service by facilitating the efficient, regular, coordinated, and consistent work of the University's administrative and academic units in document management.
  • To find solutions to problems encountered with the electronic document management system (EBYS) and, if necessary, contact the system software company to resolve issues and notify users.
  • To ensure that documents (official letters) are quickly, efficiently, and securely exchanged with all government departments and organizations through the Registered Electronic Mail (KEP) system.
  • To enter the data related to institutions and executives into the State Civil Registration System System (DETSIS).
  • To ensure that the new or former academic units under our university's academic and administrative organization are registered in KAYSIS (Electronic Public Information Management System), assign them a public organization number or delete the existing number from the system.
  • Set up a standard method for submitting documents to be created electronically or in hard copy at our university. To ensure that these documents are easily and quickly accessible in the event of an emergency, implementing a standard archive plan for further and higher education institutions with retention periods for all departments in our university, and destroying documents in accordance with the procedures and principles set out by the National Archives.
  • To coordinate and supervise the archive as per the rules specified in the law and regulations.
  • To establish councils/committees/departments within the university and draft and send appointment letters to relevant departments.
  • To follow up on e-notifications.
  • To collect e-signature requests from relevant people in our university and monitor the process.
  • Carrying out mail-cargo services and analyzing cargo contracts,
  • Prepare meeting agendas and files related to Senate and University Council meetings, record and archive resolutions, and notify relevant departments.