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KTO Karatay University has introduced the Vocational School of Commerce and Industry to our world of education in the academic year 2019-2020 in order to meet the need for an educated and skilled intermediate workforce, which is in great demand by the business world. Currently, the two-year training within the scope of the program covers "Foreign Trade", "Mechatronics", "Computer Programming" and "Civil Aviation Cabin Services".

Our Vocational School is among the newest and most dynamic vocational schools in our country. Thanks to its location at the Konya Chamber of Commerce Technology and Education Campus (KTO-TEK) within Konya's industry site, we have managed to realize a university-industry cooperation. KTO Karatay University Smart Technologies Centre, KTO Foreign Trade Centre, KTO Model Factory, KTO Fair Branch and KTO Vocational Training Centre are located on campus along with our Vocational School of Commerce and Industry. KTO Karatay University Vocational School of Commerce and Industry is equipped with all kinds of equipment and technological infrastructure in terms of education and training, and the laboratories are equipped with the proper tools and equipment.

Our students on our Foreign Trade and Mechatronics programs can benefit from our other affiliates on campus in fields related to their fields and can put what they have learnt in theory into practice. The Computer Programming Department is a program designed in close contact with the sector, bearing in mind the needs of the sector. On the other hand, our Civil Aviation Cabin Services Program provides the qualified training that future cabin officers need in our Airbus A320 aircraft cabin training simulator, under the guidance of our experienced academics.

Our distinguished academic staff who are experienced in the sector are ready to

guide and mentor our students with their experience and prepare them for the future.   In light of these practices,

our Vocational School of Commerce and Industry is well on its way to

setting an example in our country.