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Having its name originated from Karatay Madrasah built by Anatolian Seljuks in 1251 in Konya, KTO Karatay University has been re-established in July 7th, 2009 by Konya Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation which is one of the most well-established chambers of commerce in Türkiye with its history dates back to 1882.

The main purpose of establishing KTO Karatay university was to allocating the right human resources to the business world in Konya. Among the primary goals of the university is to produce graduates that are highly qualified, and skilled in making use of both theoretical and practical knowledge. In this respect, this matter was discussed with entrepreneurs in the business world and academics in order to identify the departments to be needed by the market itself.  Since the beginning of the establishment phase, more than 25,000 members of Konya Chamber of Commerce gave a great deal of support to the university. After conducting feasibility studies and analyzing educational models of other universities, KTO Karatay University’s vision took a more clear and certain form.

The vision of the university is to provide sector-oriented education programs with the modern education system, to attach particular importance to R&D and innovative technologies, to focus on skill-based education, and to develop students who speak at least two languages and recognize the demands of the business world excellently, and to produce authentic information to support community development.  In this regard, KTO Karatay University was established as the first foundation university in Konya as a public entity in accordance with the Additional Article No. 113 appended to the Organization of Higher Education Institutions Law No. 2547 published in the Official Gazette dated 07.07.2009 and numbered 27281 with Article 1 of the Law No. 5913.

Board of Trustees who are the Founding Members Our University

  • Hüseyin ÜZÜLMEZ
  • Murtaza ÇELİKEL
  • Naci ATALAY
  • Prof. Dr. Halil Cin
  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÜNAL
  • Prof. Dr. Süleyman SARITAŞ
  • Dr. Öner KABASAKAL

Foundation Board of Directors who are the Founding Members Our University

  • Hüseyin ÜZÜLMEZ
  • Halit KARAKURT
  • Hatice MENDİ
  • Mustafa TEMİZ
  • Celalettin YILMAZ
  • Okay TINKIR
  • Ertuğrul USLU
  • Veli ÖNCAN
  • Mustafa BÜYÜKEĞEN