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The communication and advertising policy of Karatay University is in line with the vision, mission and values of Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University. All activities in the fields of public relations, media, advertising, organization and marketing are implemented in accordance with the university's institutional identity. The institutional communication policy is based on the management of all types of information exchanges with all academic/administrative units and parties involved in the university, the format of the messages, the techniques and methods used in this exchange process, taking into account the support value they represent for the institution.

The university observes the integrated implementation of strategic communication process in the following areas: Reputation of the institution, brand, advertising and public image management, crisis management, agenda planning, executive relations, public relations and media strategy, institutional identity and marketing strategies and procedures.

KTO Karatay University has adopted the following guidelines to confirm its institutional media policy and objectives:

  • It delivers messages to enhance the reputation, leadership, recognition and image of the university and to further the image of the institution.
  • Conducts media relations, writes newsletters and serves them to the press.
  • Prepares media interviews.
  • Organizes TV programs on agenda setting and evaluation
  • Organizes traditional and digital designs in line with the institution's image for the events inside and outside the university.
  • Ensures the planning of the website and social media accounts, posting content in line with the institution's identity.
  • It ensures that the university is accessible by organizing promotion/introduction days.
  • It personally communicates with prospective students through campus tours and promotional fairs.
  • Sets up the communication planning of national and international artistic, scientific and cultural events.
  • It focuses on sustainability and transparency in its operations.
  • It stays abreast of the country's and the world's agenda and conducts up-to-date information sharing and assessments.
  • It creates original content and shares it with the public.
  • It uses and manages all communication channels effectively.