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KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law offers its students such a unique study experience with the TOBB Faculty of Law Building elegantly designed combining both modern and Seljuk architecture. Our students are very lucky to enjoy the modern amphitheatre while being tutored by the expert academics of the faculty.  Other than the central library and study areas in the university, there is a dedicated library, a study hall, and a courtroom in the Faculty of Law building.
KTO Karatay University, whose objective is to empower its graduates in the business world through the awareness of a "practical training model" as well as a modern physical workspace, furthers this insight with its well-established projects in the Law Faculty. By means of the "Observation in Law Project", one of the first projects of its kind in Turkey, our students have the opportunity to spend their semester vacations with the attorneys cooperating in the project, to gain first-hand experience in observing them, and to gain insight into their career choices by closely monitoring such professions as judges and prosecutors.
KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law, which highly esteems social communication and top-quality legal education, mirrors this perception in the most practical way in the Clubs and Societies created by our students. The "Parliamentary Simulation" project, which has grown into a traditional event for these Student Clubs and Societies, is the gathering point for students from different universities in Turkey, and our students acquire substantial experience in the legislative field through law proposals, committee meetings, group meetings, lobbying, and plenary sessions.

The missions of KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law are: 
•    To provide education and training for students and graduates in the field of law.
•    To produce the necessary qualified human resources for both official institutions and society.
•    To generate high-quality information promoting legal awareness in society through research studies. 
•    To cooperate with professional associations and conduct collaborative studies in the field of law.
The vision of KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law is:
•    To ensure that the legal community is best served by graduates who are committed to the rules of law, fundamental rights, and freedoms, who are at the forefront of legal education and practice, who are conscious of their social responsibility, who have fully grasped the theoretical knowledge and who are able to quickly and accurately apply it to practice.
•    To educate and train legal experts who observe human rights, freedoms, and societal values as well as having mastered the values of modern society. 
•    To prepare lawyers with solid national legal education, capable of furthering legal culture and understanding, dedicated to the defense of the law, actively involved in the practice, sought after throughout the country, competitively minded, capable of steering the direction of legal development, familiar with the society in which they live and able to satisfy its legal needs