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The career opportunities for law school graduates are rather wide-ranging. As well as the profession of judge, prosecutor, or lawyer, they might also serve as district managers, notaries, inspectors, or directors. KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law prioritizes both theoretical and practical education. The availability of the TOBB building of the Faculty of Law in the proximity of the Konya Courthouse is a huge advantage for our students to attend court hearings.

Another primary focus of legal education at our university is the "Observation in Law" project. The main purpose of this project is to enable our students to discover who prosecutors, judges, or lawyers are while they are at university and to observe the workplace so as to work towards determining the areas in which they will do their internship after their studies. During the academic holidays, our students have the opportunity to complete 10 working days of practical training in law firms.

Alongside the Turkish language, the Faculty of Law at KTO Karatay University also offers its students eight different foreign language options they can choose from. The holders of a degree from our Faculty of Law can be employed as judges, administrative judges, public prosecutors, district governors, and auditors of the Court of Audit, as well as in-house lawyers or independent lawyers. It is also possible for law graduates to mediate in civil disputes.

It is my wish that all the students who have chosen the Faculty of Law of KTO Karatay University from different provinces of Turkey will have a wonderful educational experience. The success of our graduates in the business world is something I am most proud of. I have every confidence that they will always strive to represent our university to the best of their abilities.

Best regards.
Prof. Dr. F. Rifat Ortaç
Vice Dean