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Campus Support Services Directorate departments at KTO Karatay University include Maintenance & Cleaning Department, Public Safety & Transportation Department, and Construction & Technical Works Department. Our directorate provides cleaning, public security, transportation, as well as technical support, and maintenance services to all of our campuses.  Our directorate is also responsible for performing technical services in relation to construction works, monitoring the state of works in progress, and inspecting the physical condition of the structure.

Our primary objective is to promote a safe and clean campus environment for both students and staff and a healthy work environment for employees. In the context of these objectives, our employees perform their duties regularly, efficiently, promptly, and effectively and adhere to the principle of continuous education and training without interruption. KTO Karatay University's Campus Support Services Directorate operates with 1 deputy director, 1 specialist, 4 transporters, 8 technicians, 48 private security guards, and 66 cleaning staff.



  • Management of air-conditioning systems
  • Management of automation systems
  • Management of electrical and UPS systems
  • Management of heating and cooling systems
  • Management of installation technology systems
  • Management of machine maintenance and mechanical works
  • Management of transportation services
  • Management of cleaning services
  • Management of security services
  • Management of tea shops
  • Management of garden and landscape works
  • Technical maintenance, monitoring, and control of construction works