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KTO Karatay University is a university that supports development and improvement at the national and international levels within the framework of comprehensive principles, strives for a place in the top ranks of international rankings with qualified educational programs and research, and pursues universal education and research policy. KTO Karatay University has a policy that;

  • Provides international education-training and research-development services consistent with the universal understanding of science,
  • Paves the way for its students with the knowledge it produces,
  • Supports physical development to achieve its vision in the field of research,
  • Continuously enhances education and research processes with the involvement of stakeholders,
  • Supports the scientific and artistic studies,
  • Provides research-development environment where the lecturers and students may follow the modern developments,
  • Converts scientific value into economic value and releases to the public through technology transfer, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, licensing and commercialization activities
  • emphasizes university-industry cooperation.