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The Student Affairs Directorate of KTO Karatay University is committed to providing the best possible service to our students and alumni, using the latest information and technologies, and meeting international standards. Our Directorate aims to constantly improve its services within the framework of relevant laws and regulations, putting the satisfaction of our students first, and providing fast, complete, and reliable service.

All processes related to education and training at our university are coordinated by the Directorate in collaboration with academic units. Our communication with students begins the moment they enroll in the university and, almost lifelong, continues even after they graduate. The Directorate serves a wide range of students, including associate, undergraduate, and postgraduate students. In this context, all official processes documenting our students' university education and studies are conducted by the Directorate. Relevant legal regulations serve as the fundamental guide for our Directorate. Meeting not only the needs but also the expectations of our students and facilitating their learning processes are among our top priorities as the Student Affairs Office.

Within the Student Affairs Directorate, there are two offices: the Student Information Systems Office and the Scholarship Office.