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KTO Karatay University Library and Museums Directorate started its work in the 2010-2011 academic year to support the academic and research activities of our university and to meet the information and documentation needs of the university.

Being the most important support unit for research, access to scientific knowledge, and education, KTO Karatay University Central Library has an interior area of 868 square meters. There is also a reading room in the library that can be accessed by 270 readers as well. The library is equipped with wireless internet and eight computers for researchers and readers to scan the catalog.

In addition to the KTO Karatay University Central Library, libraries and study sections have been established in various units and elements as our university has developed. In this regard, the TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey ) Building Faculty of Law Library was inaugurated on 13 November 2017, the KTO Karatay University Medikana Konya Hospital Library on 29 December 2017, and the KTO Karatay University School of Commerce and Technology Library on 1 September 2020.

Our library is continuously expanded through collections, purchases, and donations. The resources in our library are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System with open access. The catalog information of the materials in the library has been transferred to the electronic environment with the Yordam Library Automation Program and made available to readers online.

Our library offers an ideal working atmosphere with its open and private reading rooms in order to support the needs of the academic and professional community. Our library has a collection of more than 350 million trustworthy collections in print and electronic media.

Supporting users to achieve their academic goals through inspiring learning spaces and innovative services, the library has an excellent and rich collection of works in Turkish, English, and Arabic. These collections include different types of books, primary sources, and reference materials.

These collections include many types of books, primary sources, and reference materials.

Our directorate acquires materials that users need or that are not in the library's collection as quickly as possible and makes them available to library users using the best available approaches, including purchases, subscriptions, donations, and burrowing from other libraries. We also partner with universities and scientific libraries in Turkey to provide researchers with access to our extensive collections.

In our library, all types of library services are provided by professional librarians: consultation, access to information, borrowing, use of internet, audio-visual sources, electronic databases, and also user training. We run our information resources on the condition that they are available to researchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All resources and services in the online environment can be accessed using your KTO Karatay University username and email password.


  • Cataloging
  • Book Borrowing-Return
  • Electronic Resources
  • Interlibrary Borrowing and Document Service
  • Academic Publication Support
  • Plagiarism Tracking
  • Institutional Academic Open Archive