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With the "Open Access" and "LC Classification" systems applied in our library, it is possible to access the books directly. First, you need to make sure the version you're looking for is in the library's catalog and check its status. You can collect the publications whose numbers you have identified from the library catalog from the shelf. You can ask for help from the staff for the publications you cannot find.

Books identified by scanning the catalog may be picked up from the shelves upon presentation of your university ID to the circulation desk staff.

The user himself/herself must apply for the borrowing and extension of the period for using publications. Only returns on behalf of someone else are allowed. For detailed information, you can refer to the Library Policy.

Academic and administrative personnel as well as our students are ordinary members of our library.  In order to activate membership, it is sufficient to show personnel or student ID.

Administrative and academic personnel may borrow 5 (five) books for 20 (twenty) days; graduate and doctoral students may borrow 3 (three) books for 10 (ten) days; associate, undergraduate, and graduate students may borrow 2 (two) books for 10 (ten) days. If no one else has reserved it and there are no penalties, you may extend the deadline by going to the circulation desk before the return date.

You must first check the status of the publication by rescanning the library catalog on the computer in the same place. Check the information to make sure that it has not been borrowed by another user. If you can't find a publication on the shelf, even if it is not borrowed by someone else, please contact the Circulation Desk.

The latest issues of periodicals are not available for borrowing.  It is allowed to be read in the library.

Daily fines for overdue materials are intended to ensure that materials are returned or renewed in a timely manner. For overdue reserved materials, the penalty is applied for each hour or time zone overdue.

This service is available to our students as well as our academic and administrative personnel.

Click database links and select the database in relation to the subject you would like to research and enter the keywords best associated with the subject you would like to analyze.

No food and beverages other than water are allowed to be consumed in our library.

University departments and units may contribute to the development of the collection by submitting requests for publications they would like to see in the library. For placing an order, you may fill out the "Publication Order Form" after logging in "My Library Account" and request that it be provided within the framework of the purchasing procedures of our university.

If the lost publication is available for sale, it should be replaced. If the publication is not accessible in any way, the "Review and Appraisal Committee" shall conduct market research to determine the value of the lost books and other materials and shall determine the value of the materials, taking into account the quantity of the materials, the cost of printing, the quality of the paper, the cost of transport, the depreciation of money over time, and its rarity, as well as artistic value, and submit it to the Rector for approval.

If you encounter problems while searching, you can go to the information desk at the entrance to the library and ask the library staff for help. For your questions, you can send a message to [email protected].