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KTO Karatay University Directorate of Communications & Marketing, with respect to all the relevant units and stakeholders, executes its operations in order to protect and advance the institutional reputation of the university.  Including but not limited to the above-mentioned matters, our directorate ensures that accurate and reliable information flows within the institution, and conducts activities in accordance with the mission and vision as well as core values of the university, under the title of communications, advertisement, marketing, and media.

The "Strategic Communications Plan," which encompasses all communication modules and is published on a yearly basis, contains our directorate’s work plans, programs, and timelines. Key activities include institutional reputation management, institutional brand management, advertising and public image management, crisis management, agenda management, public relations management, media relations management, and administrative relations management. The Directorate of Communications and Marketing contains Marketing Department and Public Relations Department within the institutional structure of KTO Karatay University.

Additionally, assistance is provided for organizational and institutional social responsibility projects conducted within the university. The vision of our management team is to build a university of high national commercial value, recognized throughout Turkey in line with the core visions of the university, as well as regular and sustained coverage in the national media. Representing the public face of KTO Karatay University, the Directorate of Communications and Marketing works continuously and responsibly as an axis of the university's dynamic structure.


  • Institutional Reputation Management
  • Institutional Brand, Advertising, and Public Image Management
  • Agenda Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Media Relations Management
  • Prospective Student Affairs