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KTO Karatay University - Directorate of Communications and Marketing - Public Relations Department, is responsible for; website development and management; digital and traditional content design, creation, and management; social media management; advertising management; media relations management and photography and video shoot in line with the university's core values. The main Activities of Our Public Relations Department are as follows:

  • Following scientific, cultural, artistic, and sportive activities organized by our university, preparing audio / visual materials for the purpose of profoundly publicizing those activities, and making announcements prior to those activities on social media accounts of our institution or university website.  
  • Identifying activities that are high potential for publicizing our name, generating concepts for the purpose of managing those activities through the lens of marketing.
  • Creating content plans for our social media accounts, sharing contents compatible with the institutional identity of our university, issuing social media reports, following the advancements on social media, and answering questions asked via social media.
  • Managing both local and national relations with media organizations.  Identifying academics who are able to represent our university in media, helping them contact the media representatives, compiling media plans, and coordinating the process.  Planning and organizing TV programs in which our academics would participate for the purpose of setting a specific agenda or criticizing said agenda.  Writing press bulletins, disclosing them to the press, and monitoring how the public would react to those announcements.  Organizing press conferences in which administrative staff of our university would meet press members.  Visiting both the local and national media institutions.  Preparing protocol guidelines for the press and keeping them updated.
  • Prepare speeches for senior executives, especially strategic texts that require expertise.
  • Assisting other departments in our university in planning and executing activities related to the protocol. Following, updating, and implementing local and national guidelines for university protocols.