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University Student Hilal Koraş, Born Weighing 800 Grams in Konya and Surviving After Three Months in Intensive Care, Touches the Life of Her Mother with Her Diligence and Desire to Learn

In 2002, one of the twins born to Mustafa and Ayşegül Koraş, residents of the Meram district and parents of two, passed away shortly after birth. Their baby girl, Hilal, weighing only 800 grams, spent three months in an incubator. The couple, upon learning that their baby, who survived with the dedication of doctors, was 90 percent visually impaired, devoted themselves to Hilal's development from that moment onward.

Ayşegül Koraş, who dedicates much of her day to Hilal, gradually began to learn from her daughter. With her mother's support, Hilal completed her primary and high school education through inclusive education. Now 22 years old and a third-year student in the History Department of the Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences at Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University, Koraş believes she will achieve even more with her mother.

“I study with Hilal too”

47-year-old Ayşegül Koraş, still as attentive to her daughter as she was on the first day, told AA correspondent that she has been doing her best in Hilal's challenging journey of life. Koraş stated that they noticed her daughter's visual impairment at a very young age and continued their journey together after her twin sister could not survive. Koraş expressed that her daughter gradually adapted to daily life and they overcame some difficulties thanks to her strong communication skills. She stated, "I am 47 years old, maybe I have read 400-500 books. Hilal and I are studying together. Thanks to my daughter, I have gained a lot. I have never spent days with other women because we were either at the cram school, piano lessons, or judo class. Perhaps I may have missed out on some things in life, but we spend beautiful moments with our daughter. We are always behind Hilal. Whatever she wants to do, we support her."

Hilal Koraş, a successful university student, highlighted encountering numerous challenging periods throughout her educational journey but emphasized her unwavering determination. Reflecting on her aspirations during the university preparation process, Koraş expressed, "I had a strong desire to become a music teacher, but I couldn't fulfill this dream. However, I was accepted into the history department. I have a great fondness for my school and department. My university life is going well, and my friends and professors are endeavoring to ease my academic journey with their assistance."

Koraş expressed that being a person with disabilities compels her to continually strive for self-improvement, leading to success. She stressed that the biggest obstacle for disabled individuals is often their own mindset, stating, "We cannot let our disability define us. It's crucial to first accept it. After all, Aşık Veysel was visually impaired, yet he became a highly skilled musician." Looking ahead, Koraş outlined her plans to pursue teacher training upon completing her education. She also shared her passion for music, revealing her dream to play the cello and to meet President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whom she hopes to serenade with her singing.

Source: AA

January 08, 2024