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Youngsters arriving in Konya to pursue their childhood dreams of becoming pilots will be among the first graduates of the Pilotage Department at Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University's School of Applied Sciences.

Ali Ndikumana, who was born and raised in the African country of Burundi, along with Ramazan Kemi from Antalya and Sema Pasinli from Hatay, chose the Pilotage Department at KTO Karatay University's School of Applied Sciences to fulfill their dreams of becoming pilots. These young individuals, who will be among the first graduates of the department, are already optimistic about the future, as they have received job offers from some companies.

Speaking to an AA correspondent, 25-year-old Ali Ndikumana expressed his happiness about being in Turkey and completing his education there. Ndikumana explained that he came to Konya for education upon learning about the world-class aviation training provided in Turkey. He said, "I have had a great interest in airplanes since childhood. I have always wanted to become a pilot. I can be grateful now as I am in my final year, in the final stage. I need to work very hard. Soon, we will be spoiled for choice. We have a lot of opportunities to apply to companies like Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Sun Express. That's why we are working hard.”

Ndikumana, expressing particular excitement for aerobatic displays and his admiration for the Turkish Stars and SOLOTÜRK, stated “Turkish Stars are the most appealing to me. They took us to Turkish Stars one day. We visited there. They provided us with great training; they showed us how they perform the flights. It was a wonderful day for me." Ndikumana stated his excitement about graduating as a pilot at the end of the term and stated his desire to fulfill his profession with dedication.

I Want to Continue My Career as Both a Pilot and a Manager

22-year-old Ramazan Kemi, who is preparing for graduation, expressed, "I have been living near the airport in Antalya since childhood, so I saw airplanes every day. A curiosity arose within me, and as a result of the research I conducted, I realized that I could study at KTO Karatay University's Pilotage Department, so I worked towards it. Throughout my high school years, I fought solely for this, and I succeeded, I achieved it. I am very happy, proud, and I have reached my goal."

Describing his hard work to achieve his dreams, Kemi continued, "I have also completed the industrial engineering department. I also want to enter management in the airline company I will go to. I want to continue my career as both a pilot and a manager. The most important thing that motivates me on this path is the successes of the Turkish Armed Forces, their challenges to the world, and SOLOTÜRK. SOLOTÜRK has already proven that a Turk can do anything in the air, freely and limitlessly. As young people, we should prove ourselves to the world, whether as military or civilian if necessary. Hopefully, I will also prove this in the future."

Sabiha Gökçen: The Source of Inspiration

22-year-old Sema Pasinli also expressed becoming a pilot has been her childhood dream, and she came from her hometown Hatay to Konya to go after her dreams four years ago.Formun Üstü

Pasinli, saying that they have fulfilled the requirements for graduation and are currently waiting for their graduation certificates, said, "I am very excited. Because it was a long and exhausting process for us, and now we have come to the end. Actually, excitement, worry, anxiety, it's all mixed together. You know, our field is a special sector. There are no appointments. We need to attend interviews. We have the sweet stress of this on us. I feel good right now. Hopefully, I believe there will be very good things ahead of us. We will apply to major companies. In fact, we have applied to some of them, and now we are waiting for emails for recruitment."

Pasinli said, "We are eagerly looking forward to receiving our diplomas and going there. Additionally, I have also received an offer from my school to stay here as a trainer, but it would be very good for me to work for an airline company." She continued by stating that her inspiration is Sabiha Gökçen and said, "My mother always says, 'Take Sabiha Gökçen as an example.' Because she has always achieved firsts as a woman. I am also keeping my promise to my mother. I am the first graduate, and I flew the first solo flight at this school. I enjoy experiencing firsts. By keeping my promise to my mother, I feel like I am following in the footsteps of Sabiha Gökçen, and I would love to continue experiencing firsts, and I will do my best to make this happen."

Source: AA

December 27, 2023