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Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University has been established by Konya Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation as the first foundation university in Konya in accordance with the Law No. 5913 published in the Official Gazette numbered 27281 and dated 07/07/2009.

Having its name originated from both Karatay Madrasah which was built by Seljuks in 1251 in Konya as the first Foundation Higher Education Institution in Anatolia and Konya Chamber of Commerce which is one of the most well-established chambers of commerce in Türkiye, KTO Karatay University started to accept its first students in the 2010-2011 academic year and held its first graduation ceremony in June 2013.

Having 6 faculties, 2 colleges, 3 vocational schools and 1 institute, KTO Karatay University offers education to more than 9.000 students and has a total area of 532.629 m², 97.553 m² indoor and 435.076 m² outdoor. According to the 2021 Evaluation Report of Foundation Higher Education Institutions, it ranks 9th among 77 foundation higher education institutions in terms of total area size.

KTO Karatay University, the well-established name in the academic community, pursues its goals to achieve great success in shaping the future of humanity as a part of its historical role and responsibility. KTO Karatay University is a foundation university that is committed to the task of educating individuals who can contribute to all humanity on a local, national and global scale, who are not only talented in theory but also in practice, and who will play an important role in the social and economic development of our country.

The highest priority of KTO Karatay University is to provide education and research activities to solve the problems of the industrial and commercial community in the region and to have highly qualified graduates. The fundamental vision of KTO Karatay University is to achieve becoming a world university by 2051, the 800th foundation year of Karatay Madrasah.

KTO Karatay University, which attaches utmost importance to the research activities, provides high-quality studies that fully recognize the economic, cultural and social structure of the society. Based on the Foundation Higher Education Institutions 2021 report, KTO Karatay University ranks 5th among 68 foundation universities in terms of total R&D investments and 7th in terms of YKS quotas and scholarship rates. According to the Career Counseling Information System (DABIS) data published by Presidency of The Republic of Türkiye Human Resources Office, KTO Karatay University ranks 15th among 153 universities in Türkiye in terms of the labor market performance of graduates. In this respect, 89% of KTO Karatay students find a job within 12 months and 13% of them find a job before graduation. Again, KTO Karatay University ranks 26th among 153 universities in the list of those who are working in jobs that match their qualifications among other universities in Türkiye.

The faculties, colleges, vocational schools, institutes and research centres under the structure of KTO Karatay University are as follows:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Design
  • Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences
  • Graduate School of Health Sciences
  • The School of Foreign Languages
  • Graduate School of Applied Sciences
  • Vocational School of Karatay
  • Vocational School of Health Services
  • Vocational School of Trade and Industry
  • Institute of Graduate Studies

Turkish Language Teaching, Application and Research Center (KTO KAR-DİL)

The core activities of KTO KAR-DİL are to teach Turkish to foreign students coming from abroad to study at higher education institutions, to train teaching staff to go abroad from Türkiye, to cooperate with relevant national and international institutions and organizations and to conduct joint projects.

Seljuk Culture and Civilization Application and Research Center (KARSET) 

The main activities of this center include discovering Konya's historical, cultural, social and economic heritage, extensively studying the Seljuk period with its social, historical, cultural and economic aspects, and the lives, works, principles and legacies of such important figures marked this period such as Emir Celâleddin Karatay to be passed down to the present and future generations.

Child Education Application and Research Center (KARÇEM) 

The center provides education, research and consultancy services to children, parents, professionals working with children and other relevant institutions and organizations. The number of Child Education Application and Research Center in our country is increasing day by day. This center in our university is the first and only Child Education Application and Research Center in Konya.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Research and Application Center (KARGİM)

It was established to address the lack in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship, which is a critical necessity today, to provide education to students by mixing theory and practice, to conduct research, to carry out academic studies and to contribute at the academic field.

Karatay Technology Transfer Office (Karatay TTO)

It was established to co-operate with public and private sector on the subject of R&D and innovation, to carry out studies to protect the information and inventions within the scope of intellectual property and to implement them.

Yayıncılık ve Yapımcılık İktisadi İşletmesi (KARYAY) 

It was established in 2016 with the aim of representing our ancient culture within the field of broadcasting and production. KTO Karatay University, which is the bearer of our glorious history and cultural heritage from the Anatolian Seljuk State to the present day, particularly keeps our culture alive and brings forward all the elements that rightfully belong to us via KARYAY.

Continuous Education Center (KARSEM)

 KARSEM arranges training programs in every field necessary for the graduates, members of our university and all members of the society to take part in lifelong learning processes. KARSEM arranges certificate programs, courses and seminars and provides consultancy services in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of all members of the society and to support their professional success.

Distance Education Center (UZEM) 

Karatay UZEM conducts online distance education courses for students enrolled in regular education for associate and undergraduate programs and also provides courses, seminars and certificate programs with the institutions in cooperation.

Smart Technology Center (AKİTEK)

The very foundation of this center is a project named Smart Technologies Design, Development and Prototyping Centre (STEDEC) that has been awarded funding of approximately €5,000,000 under the Competitive Sectors Programme of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Türkiye.  The key objective of this project is to support agricultural machinery manufacturers in the region to become more competitive in the international arena by expanding their capacity to manufacture innovative agricultural machinery equipped with smart technologies compatible with Agriculture 4.0.

Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (KARTAM)

Alternative dispute resolution methods have recently been among the most important issues in our justice system. Recent developments especially in relation to mediation, which is one of the alternative dispute resolution methods, have increased the interest in this issue in all parts of the society. A similar process is observed with respect to arbitration proceedings. With the legal regulations introduced over the last years, the legal obligation to apply to the mediator before filing a lawsuit to the court has increased the importance of the issue. Within this context, Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (KARTAM) was founded under the structure of KTO Karatay University.

The Centre conducts national and international scientific research, organizes certification programs and also offers consultancy services. KARTAM is the first center in Konya and one of the few centers specialized in this field in Türkiye.

Havacılık ve Eğitimi İktisadi İşletmesi

Established in 2019, Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University Havacılık ve Eğitim İktisadi İşletmesi has undersigned many firsts and achievements in the aviation sector since its incorporation. Therefore, with its own airfield, fleet, technical maintenance infrastructure and flight instructors, it provides a unique training model for the future pilots.