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Financial Affairs Directorate is the department responsible for maintaining and managing the financial affairs of our university and recording these transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Our directorate prepares an annual forecast budget for the university's revenues and expenses, compares budget execution on a monthly basis, and monitors and reports on all financial transactions. Draws up the necessary legal declarations, and ensures that they are declared and paid. Use the University's expenditure budget funds in an appropriate, cost-effective, and efficient manner in accordance with plans and programs. Conduct procurement and in-kind service transactions within the framework of laws and guidelines.

The objective of our directorate is to improve the quality of services provided by using and controlling the University's existing resources in a transparent, efficient, and effective manner.



  • Managing the accounting, finance, and budget of our university.
  • Preparation of financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.).
  • Making collection and payment transactions.
  • Recording income and expenses according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  • Executing the necessary legal declarations and payments.
  • Collection of tuition fees and carrying out invoicing procedures.
  • Implementation of budget operations.
  • Carrying out the accounting processes of R&D projects.
  • Realization of personnel per diem allowance transactions.
  • Carrying out the purchasing and stock management procedures of our university.
  • Planning the procurement of necessary services, tools, equipment, fixtures, and machinery equipment within legal limits and implementing efficient procurement procedures.
  • Carrying out market research for the products to be purchased.
  • Managing construction works and related installation, production, building, supply, transport, repair and installation works, and similar architectural works.
  • Preparation of tender dossier and contract drafts for the tendered purchases planned to be made. Recording all stages of the procurement process and keeping all relevant documents together with the tender dossier.
  • As a result of purchasing, controlling the received invoices, and delivering them to the relevant units.
  • Checking the purchased materials with delivery notes or invoices.
  • Classifying and storing the materials that are checked/inspected according to their type and quality.
  • Ensuring that the materials to be offered for consumption and use are delivered to the relevant persons.
  • On-site control of the materials in use, recording, and realization of commitment procedures.
  • Organizing the necessary arrangements and making updates in the commodity and logistics warehouses.
  • To perform the procedures for the scrapping of the fixtures that are not in use any longer.