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FR-0185- Purchase Request Form

FR-0186- Proposal Request Form

FR-0187-Purchase Request Evaluation Form

FR-0188-OTS Request Form

FR-0185- Purchase Inspection Report

FR-0336-Supplier Satisfaction Survey Form

FR-0337-Supplier Assessment Form

FR-0344-Market Research Report

FR-0185- Purchase Order Form

FR-0434-Final Acceptance Report for Construction Works

FR-0435-Provisional Acceptance Report for Construction Works

FR-0438-Tender Approval Form

FR-0441-Work Advance Payment Closure Form

FR-0442-Assignment Expenses Report

FR-0449-Undocumented Expenses Report

FR-0451-Tender Notice Form

FR-0452-Document Purchase Form

FR-0453-Unit Price Proposal Letter

FR-0454-Certificate of Not Being Among Those Who Cannot Participate in the Tender

FR-0455-Tender Submission Report

FR-0456-Tender Document Unsealing and Control Report

FR-0457-Tender Incomplete Document Request Form

FR-0458-Tender Cancellation Notification Form

FR-0459-Referral to Tender Authority

FR-0460-Tender Committee's Decision

FR-0461-Finalized Tender Decision Notice

FR-0462-Explanatory report on non-conforming documents

FR-0463-Letter of Award

FR-0464-Tender Application Form

FR-0465-Non-Transferable Undertaking of Shareholding

FR-0566 Tender Decision Form

FR-0567-Standard Contract Draft

FR-0601-Tender Committee Assignment Form

FR-0602-Tendering Official Decision Form

FR-0641-Tender Document Unsealing and Control Report

FR-0642-Tender Cancellation Notification Form

FR-0673-Market Research Report

FR-0185- Nameplate Purchase Request Form

FR-0466-Partner’s Interest Declaration