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Tuition fees are due by the course registration deadline and supervisor approval according to the academic calendar published on the University's website.

Students and parents who wish to pay their school fees in cash may pay by means of institutional collection at all branches of Halkbank and Albaraka Türk Participation Bank in Turkey. Moreover, students who have an account with Halkbank may make payments via Internet banking. By contacting any branch of a participating Halkbank and Albaraka Türk Participation Bank that conducts institutional collections with your T.R. ID number, you may electronically check the fees due in the bank's system.   In case of an annual payment of the fee, a discount of 6% shall be granted and the discounted fee shall be displayed on the bank screen. However, the discount does not apply to recurring payments.

Students who wish to pay by credit card may do so at sanalpos.karatay.edu.tr/ by selecting the credit cards that are offering installment options (Maximum Card, World Card, Bonus Card, Combo Card, and Paraf Card) to pay for an annual program in up to 10 installments; for semester programs up to 5 installments for the first semester and 5 installments for the second semester or 10 installments for an annual program. It is possible to pay separately using more than one credit card in as much as the credit card limit.  In addition, it is possible to make a single payment via VPOS with all kinds of cards such as debit cards and credit cards by clicking the other credit cards tab. In case of a single payment for the annual fee using a credit card it is possible to get a 5% discount. 

Another type of payment available for our students is Automated Collection System. The shortened name of this system is OTS; and our University offers the possibility to pay the annual fee in 10 installments without any additional charges such as filing fees, interest to the bank contracted by our University on behalf of the student with the relevant form, provided that the student's creditworthiness meets the bank's requirements. The application may be submitted to one of our contracted banks, Albaraka Türk Participating Bank, along with the student's T.R. ID number, and at the end of the process, the installment is automatically transferred to our system. Ziraat Bank, Turkish Economy Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, and Fibabanka are among some of the other banks that have signed agreements with us. In order to apply for installments to be made by these banks, a request form must be collected from our Directorate. The request form may be obtained in person, by telephone, or by e-mail. Once the OTS transaction is concluded, the approved payment plan shall be delivered to our Directorate.