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Karatay University's School of Applied Sciences (KTO) combines theoretical and practical programs to enable aspiring future pilots to achieve the discipline required in the aviation industry through interdisciplinary knowledge and experience. In our university's pilot training department, our students receive a 4-year academic education.

The ultimate goal is that all of our students who avail of the Double Major Program (DMP) as offered by KTO Karatay University will hold a distinguished position in the business world thanks to the double major they will obtain upon graduation and will be among the aviators sought after by the industry.

Our airfield, situated 40 km from the campus of KTO Karatay University, has 288,000 m2 of open space, 1,440 m2 of indoor space, 790 m2 of the hangar, 275 m2 of the civil hangar, 375 m2 of the administration building and a tower. With 7 training aircraft, 4 gliders, 1 tugboat and 1 AL 250 simulator, our university is the only institution that trains pilots with its own aircraft and gliders in its own airfield.

Thanks to its core mission and the Konya Chamber of Commerce, which has more than 25,000 members, our university hopes to fill the gap in the aviation industry by providing qualified and internally trained pilots. Given the international training we deliver, our students rise to success and honors in the aviation industry, while our experienced and exceptionally talented academic staff trains world-class pilots.