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KTO Karatay University - Human Resources Directorate; carry out all kinds of personnel processes and procedures for the appointment of academic and administrative staff within the framework of laws, regulations, and by-laws, in accordance with our University's objectives, institutional strategy, and personnel policy. The primary responsibility of our directorate is to recruit appropriate administrative and academic staff, monitor their hiring and appointment, and implement all practices to ensure that staff works with high levels of satisfaction.

Our directorate makes necessary plans to improve quality and efficiency in the medium to long term conduct surveys and research to develop human resource systems to achieve this objective. Our directorate prepares orientation and workplace training, and personal development programs to increase employee productivity, morale, and motivation, and contribute to promoting academic culture.

The Human Resources Directorate continues to work in harmony and cooperation with other departments. There are three different offices within our Directorate: Personnel & Payroll Services Department, Personnel Affairs Department, and Organizational Development Department.  



  • Academic staff employment processes, appointment, and promotion procedures
  • Administrative staff employment processes, appointment, and promotion procedures
  • Foreign National Personnel employment processes, appointment and promotion processes, work permit processes
  • Procedures concerning hourly paid lecturers
  • Personnel affairs
  • Payroll, accrual, and declaration procedures
  • Orientation activities
  • In-service training and personal development training activities
  • Employee engagement & motivation projects
  • Business analysis and process optimization
  • Performance management system