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KTO Karatay University Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate manages building student communities within the university, organizing community activities such as sports competitions, supporting the professional development of graduates and current students before and after graduation, and conducting research on preventive health services.

According to the organizational structure of KTO Karatay University, there is a Student Community Office, Sports and Health Department, Career Development and Alumni Relations Department, and Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department. Psychological counseling and guidance services are also provided under the Health, Culture, and Sportive Activities Directorate.



  • To guide students through the process of establishing student communities and related activities throughout the year.
  • To organize and manage the traditional Soba Başı Sohbetleri (Chat by the Stove), Culture Street, and Sports Festivals as well as sports competitions hosted by KTO Karatay University.
  • To make the selection of sports teams, to organize and arrange the training of sports teams during the year.
  • To ensure the participation of sports teams in the competitions organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation during the year.
  • To make sure that our academic and administrative personnel and students benefit from the health services offered by the Student Health Center.
  • Conduct the research needed to connect graduate students with the business world and create employment opportunities.
  • To develop an up-to-date job and internship announcement system that can be easily accessed by our students who are about to graduate.
  • To provide career counseling and mentoring services to our students and graduates.
  • To organize activities such as interviews, seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc. that will enable our students and graduates to gather professional experience.
  • To follow regional, national, and international job and internship opportunities and to inform interested students.
  • To conduct tests to identify students' personal and occupational skills, and interpret results to structure individual and group career planning activities that are appropriate for students.
  • To organize training activities such as courses and certificate programs for students and graduates to gain and develop professional qualifications.
  • To carry out 'career' activities in co-operation and coordination with Student Communities. To support the planning or organization of events.
  • To ensure student and graduate satisfaction. To carry out necessary preventive and corrective actions in related areas.
  • To keep track of the professional career of alumni and to organize activities to maintain their loyalty to the university.
  • To create a database including alumni information.
  • To supervise the Part-Time Student Work Process and to ensure that it runs in a healthy manner.
  • To ensure that the insurance procedures for student interns are completed without any problem.
  • To ensure that the insurance procedures of our students doing a compulsory internship within the scope of the National Internship Program are executed without any problem.
  • To represent our university in the projects carried out by the Presidential Human Resources Office.
  • To follow Talent Gate Platform.
  • Monitoring and reporting DABIS data.
  • To organize a job fair.