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The Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate is located on the ground floor of the Social Facilities Building on the Central Campus.

Applications to establish a student community are made within 1 month from the opening date of the Fall and Spring Semesters. In order to establish a student community, 14 KTO Karatay University students must join together as founders. You must submit a completed and signed application form to the Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate, along with the application documents set out in Article 6 of the Students' Community Guidelines, which can be accessed via the Life on Campus tab on the University's website.

As of 2023, there are 62 student communities at our university. For detailed information about KTO Karatay University Student Communities; please follow the link below or send an e-mail to [email protected] for your questions.

Our communities set up stands and introduce themselves to our students at the “Welcome to the Campus” Fest organized by the Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate. You can become a member of student communities by filling out the membership form during these events. You may also get in touch with communities by following their social media accounts.

You can access the Life on Campus tab on our university website https://www.karatay.edu.tr/OgrenciTopluluklari/174.html from Article 9 of the Student Societies Directive, and you may also visit the HCS Directorate for your questions. 

Students who act contrary to the purpose of the community or violate the Student Disciplinary Code in connection with community activities will be subject to the Student Disciplinary Code with the approval of the President and recommendation of the Community Advisor and Administrative Board.   

In the event that the members of the Community Board of Directors undergo a disciplinary investigation and receive a penalty, they shall be dismissed from the management for 1 (one) academic year with the recommendation of the Directorate and the approval of the Rectorate.

If it is determined that a community is engaged in activities that are contrary to the purposes for which the community was established, as set forth in the Directive and Legislation, the community may be closed down upon recommendation of the Directorate and approval of the President.

Our Student Communities are allowed to organize joint activities with other communities. However, our communities may engage in joint activities with student communities of other universities operating in the same field with the approval of the Directorate and the Rectorate.

It is possible to be a member of more than one student community. However, according to the Student Communities Directive, it is not allowed to take part in the executive board of more than one student community.

It is not allowed to establish more than one community with the same name and pursue the same objective.

If you wish to open a promotional stand at our university, you must submit the KTO Karatay University Promotional Stand Opening Commitment Letter and also an additional petition bearing your wet signature(s) to the Registry and Postal Services Department at least 15 working days before the scheduled opening of the stand.  If the request is deemed appropriate by the Rectorate, HCS Directorate provides assistance in terms of space, tables, and chairs.

There are 3 conference halls at our university. Two of them are located in Block C and one is in the Social Facilities Building. C Block CB-21 has a capacity of 162 people, C Block CB-14 has a capacity of 192 people, and Social Facilities Conference Hall has a capacity of 300 people. Our halls are equipped with video, sound, projection, and lighting systems.

At least 15 working days before the event request, an application must be submitted to the Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate via EBYS, petition, or e-mail.

The internship is a course in the student's curriculum. Depending on the curriculum, it is practiced during the training period or in the summer term. Our students shall present the paperwork required for internship insurance in coordination with the academician and the faculty/school/vocational school secretary.

Internship insurance is provided as per Law No. 5510 in order to prevent our students from being exposed to any occupational disease or work accidents during their internship. It is not a type of insurance that prejudices your own health insurance. Premiums paid within the scope of the internship are paid under short-term insurance codes. Upon completion of the internship period, the insurance coverage also ends.

Internship insurance shall not result in the cancellation of an insured student's scholarship, death pension, etc. income.

At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, the required academic and administrative quotas are announced on our university's official website and social media. After applying for the advertised quota, you must be interviewed and accepted.

The list of applicants who are selected to a part-time students is also published on the official website of our university.

You can apply at https://mezunkart.karatay.edu.tr/ and collect it by visiting our Career Development and Alumni Relations Department within 10 days. If you live outside of the city, please email us and we can arrange free shipping for you.

You are allowed to enter our campuses with the alumni card. Besides, you must have an alumni card to benefit from the library of our university. It is also possible to use it as Konya Kart (Sivil Elkart). In order to do this, the card must be activated at Konya Card Branch.

We currently have sports teams in Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Traditional Archery, Futsal, E-sports (LOL, Valorant, FIFA), HADO, 3x3 Basketball, and Arm Wrestling. To find out how to apply for sports teams, you may contact the HCS Directorate, Sports and Health Department or you may apply for the branch you wish to apply for via telephone.

You may make an appointment online from our university's website by following the steps; Life on Campus, Karatay Counselling and Guidance Center, and Make an Appointment Free of Charge.

Our Student Health Center employs a full-time nurse in Block B, 2nd Floor, Room 222.