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KTO Karatay University's Faculty of Economics, Administration, and Social Sciences leads its education and training programs with the view of producing qualified human resources needed by the business world. Students receive a four-year academic education in the fields of business management, international trade and logistics (in both Turkish and English), insurance and social security, energy management as well as Islamic economics and finance.

Considering all our departments, it is our ultimate goal to produce graduates who are highly skilled at adjusting to the advancement of the global world and finding solutions to the current problems within the sector, and who gather their competitive force from their knowledge, and innovative as well as self-confident managers and experts who are able to assume responsibility and demonstrate leadership.

A primary goal of our faculty is to enable our students to engage in national and international research and master world literature in their field of specialization. Our high-profile instructors, who have academic qualifications from many different countries around the world and who are industry insiders, guide our students through the changes that are taking place in the world and direct them to the right career path.

Thanks to the technical and space-modern faculty building, our students enjoy the unique opportunity to implement the theoretical knowledge they have gathered in the classroom in practice under the right conditions. Thanks to its proactive and constantly updated academic syllabus, our faculty are shaping the professionals and leaders that our country and all of humanity need.