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Trade is an activity that is influenced bythe political and social structure of the countries, and it is affecteddirectly from these structures. For this reason, the current progress and thechanging conjuncture effects create noticeable fluctuations on tradeactivities, moreover, the trading system of an ethnocentric world due to theglobalized nature of the world can cause positive or negative effects inanother country.

Developing intercultural relations amongthe world’s countries increases the importance of the International Trade andLogistic Department from day to day. Our mission is to graduate as a creativecommerce specialist who builds on the most accurate form and is able to thinkanalytically in the field of international trade and logistics, succeed in riskmanagement, and produce optimal solutions through courses in the curriculum.

Many graduates from our department expectto have a lot of managerial opportunities in the sector who continue theircareer planning in the right way. The fact that the number of trained staffmembers is small due to the newness of the area will provide a great advantagein terms of employment for our graduates. One of the most basic requirements ofour department is foreign language and our students, along with English, areable to practice themselves in this area by being able to develop themselves invarious languages with high validity.