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KTO Karatay University's Faculty of Economics, Administration, and Social Sciences initiated its formation in 2010-2011 with the departments of Business Management and International Business and, simultaneously with the development of our university, has been expanding its material and human facilities day by day. To comply with this development and growth process, our faculty has continuously established departments in different areas. At the moment, undergraduate education is being carried out in the Departments of Business Administration, International Trade and Logistics, International Trade and Logistics (English), Insurance and Social Security, Energy Management, and Islamic Economics and Finance.

The repercussions of unpredictable events such as global pandemics, natural disasters, and wars on businesses have led to the emergence of different business models that are open to innovation and transformation rather than traditional. We appreciate the necessity of preparing our students for global competition, characterized by tremendous change and redesigned business models in science, technology, management, and organization. In this sense, the underlying principle of our faculty is to provide education to managers and decision-makers who are sensitive to ethical and universal values, have knowledge and skills, and are able to meet the needs of their company, their region, their country, and the world through the values they generate.

Our academic staff, which is committed to providing equal treatment, transparency, and openness to our students, focuses on cultivating people who can effectively make decisions to address business issues by combining theory and practice and sharing their experience with students. Thanks to the high value we place on university-industry collaboration and the support of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, we are also positive that our students will have an upper hand in the workforce once they graduate.

In this context, I invite you to have a closer look at KTO Karatay University's Faculty of Economics, Administration, and Social Sciences by taking an interest in our academic and research programs. I wish all our students all the success in their undergraduate studies.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah TOPCUOĞLU