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Civil aviation sector is one of the dynamic sectors that grow e-rapidly in teh global economy and in our country. In parallel with the increaseing airline traffic and passenger capacity with each passing year, many new airline companies join the sector or existing airline companies increase their passenger capacities and number of flight points. The main purpose of our Civil Aviation Cabin Services program, establihes in 2020; kowing the aviation industry; to train staff who are prone to tema work, have strong customer relations, solution oriented, communicate effectively, dynamic, master operational activities.
The conditions rewuired for our students who will prefer the Civil Aviation Cabin Services Porgram to work as cabin crew in the sector;
-Being citizens of the republic of Turkey,
-To have sufficient level of English language knowledge (A second foreign language is preferred),
-160-180 cm for women having a dye in the range (Lenght and Weight ratio is sought),
-170-190 cm for men having a dye in the range (Length and Weight ratio is sought),
-Health status to be suitable for flight,
-There should be no criminal records,
-When wearing a cabin crew unifrom, there should be no tattoos, piercings, jewelry and scars on visible parts of the body,
-Having never left nay airline company due to lack of dicipline, lack of registiration or health problems.