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In order to meet the need for educated and skilled intermediate workforce, which is in great demand by the industry and business world, KTO Karatay University has introduced the Vocational School of Commerce and Industry into the world of education. Our Vocational School of Commerce and Industry is among the newest and most dynamic vocational schools in our country.

Today, quality, competition and cost constitute essential factors of production. Graduates of our vocational school contribute significantly to the companies and institutions for which they work.

In line with the needs of the manufacturing, technology, service and aviation industries, our students are offered a comprehensive and practical curriculum. Being interconnected with the industrial area also enables us to achieve our goal of applied education. Our students have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have learnt on the courses by participating in the compulsory practical internship at various successful companies during the academic year. Our laboratories are equipped with all kinds of technological infrastructures and the tools and equipment needed.

Our Vocational School of Commerce and Industry is rising to the top as the blueprint thanks to these practices. I would like to welcome our students who have become a part of our professional school, where we stand out particularly in applied education, and wish them a very productive and successful educational quest.

Head of Vocational School of Commerce and Industry

Prof. Dr. Ahmet AVCI