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Petitions are collected in two methods: internal and external. If academic and administrative staff within the institution have e-signatures, they may submit requests to the Chancellor's Office or the Office of the Registrar with their e-signatures attached through the Electronic Document Management System.

Anyone wishing to submit a report from outside the institution, or who does not have an electronic signature, may submit the report by hand to the Secretariat by filling out a request form addressing the Rectorate or the General Secretariat bearing a handwritten signature, date, and contact information. It is also possible to send the request form as a PDF file to ([email protected]).

You should capture the error screen on the system and send it to the system admin ([email protected]).

As per the specific rules, our academic and administrative personnel are authorized to have e-signatures. You must hand-sign the TÜRKTRUST Letter of Commitment For Qualified Electronic Certificates (the commitment letter is available in the "Forms" section of kalite.karatay.edu.tr) and submit it in person to the Registry and Postal Services Department by including your mobile phone number and email address under a copy of your ID card. For the personnel who are not granted e-signature free of charge, they are directed to the contracted company.

For paid items arriving at a postal services department, the owner of the item is notified, and the owner of the item or the person who will receive the item shall arrive at the postal services department and pay in person.

Services are provided for postal shipments received and sent on behalf of the university and for shipments received by academic/administrative personnel. The Postal Services Department does not provide any other type of service.