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The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at KTO Karatay University continues its activities by providing art education that exceeds the standard with the philosophy of educating students who can capably shed a light on the future.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at KTO Karatay University has an educational philosophy that aims to train students who can work in an interdisciplinary way, who are well-versed in the past, and who can shed light on the future. It continues to work with physical-technical equipment and a solid infrastructure to provide art education at a high level with its academic staff proven in their field and uninterrupted in their studies.

In the departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, students contribute to their profession with original designs, using the universal language of science and art.

"Opportunity to exchange with students studying in Europe through the EU Erasmus+ program".

As part of the EU's Erasmus+ program, students from the faculty are supported to study for a semester at universities in Europe as part of student exchange programs. Students will be able to apply these skills acquired through contemporary artistic and scientific research methods in the field of industry.

"Innovative Designs from Innovating Designers”

The Department of Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design offers an education that is of international standard by providing advanced equipment and the most up-to-date technological facilities together with its strong academic staff. The Department of Interior Architecture trains qualified interior designers who harness the creative and artistic power of students and lead innovative designs thanks to evolving technology.

"Comprehensive Employment Opportunities"

Interior design graduates work as interior designers and consultants in private and public institutions, in the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey, in provincial and district municipalities, in private companies as a member or head of a design group, in all types of interior design. Those who prefer not to be affiliated with an organization can open their own private offices.

"KTO Karatay Trains Competent Architects"

KTO Karatay University's Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Architecture, trains individuals who will design and build the environment in which people live, from small rooms to the urban scale. The graduates are able to create qualified living spaces by using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, have an awareness of history and the environment, and excel in their competencies in the world of work.

"Employment Opportunities for Architecture Graduates of Karatay"

Graduates of Karatay KTO's Department of Architecture can pursue careers in administrative and professional positions in municipalities, public institutions and organizations, architectural offices, and construction and construction supervision companies. There are also many entrepreneurial graduates who have opened their own offices and are involved in local, regional, national, and international projects.

"Digital meets Art Department of Graphic Design"

The Department of Graphic Design at KTO Karatay University offers training in graphic design, which is widely used in areas such as posters, illustration, animation, cartoons, and industrial graphics. Students trained in state-of-the-art computer labs, art workshops, and studios gain the competence to solve all kinds of visual design problems, competently use the advanced equipment that the age requires, train creative designers, understand the need of the age and quickly adapt to these issues.

"In the Department of Graphic Design"

Graduates of KTO Karatay University Graphic Design Department have a wide range of job opportunities in promotion, publishing, film, and the cartoon industry. They also get to work as a graphic designer, art director, and assistant in advertising agencies, promotion workshops, and organization agencies. At the same time, there are graduates who set up their own advertising and communication agencies and work as entrepreneurs in this sector.

"International Successes of KTO Karatay Designers"

With the education at KTO Karatay University Graphic Design Department, graphic designers are trained on how to solve all kinds of visual design problems, competently use the equipment required by the age, and specialize in their professional field. In the Graphic Design Department, studies are carried out taking into account the requirements of the sector. This results in original designs and great success in international competitions.

"KTO Karatay Difference in the Department of Traditional Turkish Art".

The Department of Traditional Turkish Arts at KTO Karatay University trains dynamic and entrepreneurial artists who have internalized our traditional arts in their historical development, who are proficient in practical applications, and who are competent on a national and international level.

Students at KTO Karatay receive training in the main art workshop and drawing classes that meet the requirements of art and design education. With its strong academic staff with cultural and artistic backgrounds, artists are trained to represent our country and nation in any setting and context.

The Department of Traditional Turkish Art trains future artists who can combine their national identity with national values, who are sensitive to historical and artistic values, and who respect ethical values.

July 22, 2022