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The 2023 World Scientist and University Rankings list has been published. Whilst 29 academics from Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University made it to the list, KTO Karatay University achieved tremendous success by ranking 12th among Turkey's foundation universities.

The "AD Scientific Index", the first and only study to reveal the productivity coefficients of scientists for the last five years based on the H-index, i10-index, and citations in Google Scholar, has published the "World Scientist and University Rankings" 2023 list.

"KTO Karatay's Ranking in the World's Best Universities".

There are 29 KTO Karatay academics in the list of 216 countries, 19,492 universities, and 1,082,102 scientists in the world. In the comprehensive list of all universities, research centers, and institutes in the world, KTO Karatay University ranks 37th in Turkey, 798th in Europe, and 2003rd in the world. Ranking 31st in the list, Prof.  Dr. Ayben Karasu Uysal, a faculty member of KTO Karatay University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, achieved great success in Turkey.

While 5 academics from KTO Karatay University were featured in the list of 10,000 Best, KTO Karatay University ranked 12th among foundation universities in Turkey and 214th among foundation universities in Europe.



Koç University


Yeditepe University


TOBB University of Economics and Technology


İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University


Sabancı University


Istanbul Medipol University


Özyeğin University


Izmir University of Economics


Yaşar University


İstinye University


Nişantaşı University


KTO Karatay University

Among the 1,082,102 scientists included in the research, KTO Karatay academicians to make it in the World Scientist and University Rankings list can be found below:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ayben Karasu Uysal 
  2. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bekir Yıldız
  3. Prof. Dr. Murat Çizakça
  4. Prof. Dr. Novruz Allahverdi
  5. Assoc. Dr. Merve Aydın Terzioğlu
  6. Assistant Professor Stephen Taiwo Onifade
  7. Assoc. Dr. Hatice Yalçın
  8. Prof. Dr. Nurhan Ünüsan
  9. Assistant Professor Vahdettin Demir
  10. Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin Erdem
  11. Prof. Dr. Osman Okka
  12. Assistant Professor Amir Yavariabdi
  13. Bahriye Horasanlı
  14. Assistant Professor Hediye Karakoç
  15. Assistant Professor Hasan Gedik
  16. Assoc. Dr. Hulusi Acikgoz
  17. Prof. Dr. Sami Şener
  18. Assoc. Dr. Nurdoğan Ata
  19. Prof. Dr. Ali Bülent Uşaklı
  20. Assistant Professor Hüseyin Oktay Altun
  21. Prof. Dr. Atilla Özütok
  22. Assistant Professor Seher Akdeniz
  23. Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Meram
  24. Assoc. Dr. Bilge Afşar
  25. Assoc. Dr. Demet Akarçay Ulutaş
  26. Assoc. Dr. Füsun Sunar
  27. Assistant Professor Semih Yumuşak
  28. Assoc. Dr. Birol Büyükdoğan
  29. Esra Şumlu

KTO Karatay Academicians ranking first in their fields of expertise in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Novruz Allahverdi, Engineering Technology-Computer Science, ranked 1st in Artificial Neural Networks; Prof. Dr. Sami Şener ranked 1st in the field of Social Change, Civilization, Culture, Human Resources, Values; Assistant Professor Hüseyin Oktay Altun ranked 1st in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

KTO Karatay University Rector Prof. Dr. Fevzi Rifat Ortaç commented: "Last year, 12 of our academicians featured in the World Scientist and University Rankings list, increasing to 29 this year.  We are extremely pleased that we are rapidly reaping the fruits of the qualified studies put forward by our academicians.  I would like to thank all our academicians who put in utmost effort into the work they do to help KTO Karatay University reach its scientific goals.  I would like to congratulate all the names featured in the list and wish them continued success."

For detailed information on the rankings, please click the link below:


September 03, 2022