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The Faculty of Engineering and Science at Karatay University in Konya (KTO) plays a leading role in academic and scientific development by following international standards in education, training, and scientific research.

The necessity to improve the quality of life as entrepreneurs and developers and to adapt to the ever-changing environmental conditions is what has led to the emergence of engineering fields. Engineering serves as a bridge between science and humanity to fulfill this mission. Not only does intensive technical research produce new technologies, but it also creates a systematic accumulation of knowledge that is growing ever faster.

The duration of studies at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, KTO Karatay University is 4 years in all departments, following one year of preparatory English courses. With the exception of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, at least 30% of the teaching in the other departments is taught in English. Through this approach, graduates develop the ability to communicate fluently in both Turkish and English.

" Different opportunities for industrially and academically oriented students ".

The curriculum of the Faculty of Engineering and Science is thoughtfully designed in such a way that creates a balance between theory and practice. In addition to the theoretical and practical education at the university, students are given the opportunity to gain experience and focus on their desired areas through additional assignments in the industry.

Besides summer internships, the faculty offers industry-oriented students the opportunity to work on an industry-related project every semester. Engineering candidates of KTO Karatay are prepared for a professional life at such a level that enables them to offer solutions to the problems of the industry when they graduate. For academically oriented students, the faculty provides the necessary education to equip them with the right set of skills to meet the demands of academic life and prepare them for both international postgraduate life abroad and academic life in Turkey.


"Technical Means That Enable Project-Based Learning"

In the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, experiments are conducted in the fields of physics, chemistry, computers, electricity, electronics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, civil engineering, nanotechnology, and materials. The departments of digital electronics, digital logic circuits, microprocessors, communication, microwaves, antennas, digital signal processing, biomedicine, electromechanics, sensors, information technologies, project support, research, robotics, control, production systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, soil mechanics, fluid mechanics are equipped with modern infrastructure and experimental equipment. Using the technical facilities that enable project-based learning, students get to realize their new designs under the guidance of academics.

"Sector Consultancy Project"

Students in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences are already assigned a counselor from the relevant field in their first year of study. As part of this project, students and sector counselors come together at least once a month at the workplace, on the university's premises, or on a variety of sector platforms. These activities are carried out under the supervision of the study counselor. By doing so, KTO Karatay students also gain four years of work experience after graduation.

"Project Based Learning in the Department of Computer Engineering"

The students of the Computer Engineering Department of KTO Karatay University are provided with project-based education in modern computer laboratories. In addition, high-quality education is ensured through the use of computers, which each student can use individually and which all contain programs for the respective subject areas.

"Opportunity to Develop in the Profession by Participating in Projects"

The process starting from the initiation to the completion of the projects in the courses is effectively accompanied by the use of appropriate programs and materials. As a result of the training in the laboratory, students are familiarized with the environment they are to work upon graduation. In addition, students can develop embedded software at the university's Centre for Intelligent Technologies (AKİTEK) whilst working on the Internet of Things and also improving themselves in terms of hardware and competence by participating in the projects yet to be carried out. The Artificial Intelligence Working Group, formed by scientists from the Department of Computer Engineering and scientists from various disciplines, is also conducting major studies.

"Academics Who Have Obtained Their Doctorate as Well as Their Professional Experience in The International Scene".

The Department of Computer Engineering employs academics with PhDs and work experience abroad and provides world-class knowledge generation and engineering education. The university develops its curriculum as one that can dynamically and quickly adapt to new developments.

"Employment in Turkey and Different Countries of the World”

Graduates of the Computer Engineering Department of KTO Karatay University get to work as system analysts, application programmers, system programmers, and research and development engineers in hardware and software departments of international companies operating in the fields of administration, education, industry, commerce, and services. In addition, there are graduates who work as computer engineers in various public institutions and organizations, private companies and banks, and also graduates who pursue their academic studies in Turkey and in various countries around the world.

"Distinct Education Opportunities at KTO Karatay"

The students of the Department of Industrial Engineering at KTO Karatay University have a distinct opportunity for practical training. In this perspective, the Centre for Intelligent Technologies (AKİTEK) and the Model Factory of the Konya Chamber of Commerce constitute two important projects in which students have the opportunity to showcase and apply their academic knowledge in this field.

The Konya Chamber of Commerce Competence and Digital Transformation Centre, known as the Model Factory for short, can easily be compared to traditional and lean manufacturing techniques, using machines and equipment such as a CNC lathe, CNC vertical machining center, metal saw, 3D measuring machine, etc. within the Konya Chamber of Commerce Technology and Education Campus. In addition, assembly lines and Industry 4.0 applications, in which elements of digital transformation are increasingly used, are also carried out within their own internal structure.

"Employment opportunities in the field of production after graduation".

Graduates of the Department of Industrial Engineering at KTO Karatay University can pursue careers as engineers in many areas of production, especially in the automotive, textile, and food industries. Among the areas of employment are technology management, operations research, systems engineering, optimization, flexible manufacturing systems, planning and control of production and inventory systems, ergonomics, computer applications, process control, multi-objective decisions, machine planning, performance evaluation, simulation, service sector, and administrative tasks.

"Departments with current and rapidly developing areas of employment: Electrical and Electronics Engineering"

Electrical and electronic engineering is one of the disciplines most open to research and development and one of the engineering disciplines with the broadest range of applications. Contemporary and rapidly evolving topics such as signal processing, telecommunications, electrical transmission, distribution, control, circuit analysis, design, microprocessor design, computer network design, robotics design, and optical device design are among the areas of study in the department.

"TUBITAK Supported Graduation Theses"

The students of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at KTO Karatay University have the opportunity to get to know the industry through practical internships and to specialize in elective subjects.

The students get to use these laboratories for various applications and project tasks during their four-year studies. Students are given the opportunity to specialize in one area with their thesis during their final year. Some of these final theses can be funded by the TÜBİTAK. Additionally, the students of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of KTO Karatay University meet the requirements of the Electrical Engineers' Chamber (EMO) and have the proficiency to provide SMM (Freelance Consultant Engineer) services.

"Opportunity to practice in the departments of the Centre for Intelligent Technologies (AKITEK)".

Another advantage for the students of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at KTO Karatay University is that they have the opportunity to practice in their fields of study at the university's Centre for Intelligent Technologies (AKITEK). In addition to the University's ongoing student associations, students can participate in a variety of cultural and academic activities as part of the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Student Branch. 

Under Erasmus+, students have the opportunity to study in European Union (EU) member countries at schools with which KTO Karatay University has an agreement.

"Nationally and internationally employed graduates"

Graduates of KTO Karatay University's Department of Electrical Engineering Electronics pursue careers as electrical engineering electronics engineers, project managers, systems engineers, product development engineers, R&D engineers, consultants, and managers in major sectors such as defense, aerospace, energy, automotive, software, computer science, automation, communications, media, and healthcare both in our country and abroad.

TÜBİTAK, ASELSAN, and the Ministry of National Defense are among some of the institutions where KTO Karatay graduates work. There are also graduates who continue their careers as academicians in Turkey and abroad.

"Essence of Original Science and Technology: Department of Mechanical Engineering”

The Mechanical Engineering program of KTO Karatay University trains engineers who are capable of using the necessary sub-technologies to fulfill all kinds of requirements in their field or who are highly proficient in designing, manufacturing, assembling, and maintaining products by communicating with experts in the field.

With the scientific studies conducted at national and international levels, KTO Karatay University has proven its scientific competence and academic staff with industry experience. It passes on its existing knowledge to the students who are expected to contribute to the science and technology of our country and create the infrastructure that forms the basis for original science and technology to become a form of production.

"Experimental Methods in Multiscale Laboratories"

The students of KTO Karatay University Department of Mechanical Engineering gain knowledge and experience about manufacturing methods by learning methods such as cutting, drilling, marking, filing, filing, grinding, polishing, and measuring by applying the pieces of training they have received in manufacturing and production courses in the machine shop. Students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering have the opportunity to practice in our units equipped with the latest technological facilities, such as the Smart Technologies Center (AKITEK) and the Model Factory.

“Workplace Training Project"

Along with the industry consultancy project, the internship project conducted specifically for final-year Mechanical Engineering students places them in a company in their industry and gives them on-the-job experience before they graduate. The students can thus set up their own jobs within a very short time after graduation or work in companies where they receive on-the-job training.

"Employment opportunities in a broad technological spectrum".

Graduates of the Department of Mechanical Engineering pursue careers as mechanical engineers in product and system development in a broad technological spectrum ranging from the automotive industry to biomedical technologies, from the manufacturing industry to the energy sector, and from aviation to heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems.

"Training of civil engineering students with advanced technological tools".

The students of the Civil Engineering Department of KTO Karatay University are trained in an intensive laboratory environment, particularly in the Civil Engineering and Materials Laboratory, and are thus able to complete their education using the latest technological tools.

"Department of Civil Engineering attracts interest with original scientific studies".

The Department of Civil Engineering at KTO Karatay University is attracting interest with its unique degree programs. The Department of Civil Engineering has organized workshops, symposia, and conferences that contribute to the dissemination of experimental research culture in our country, where relevant researchers come together and exchange their knowledge and experiences.

"Employment of civil engineering graduates in public institutions".

KTO Karatay Civil Engineering graduates pursue careers in their own construction companies, in municipalities, in the construction industry, in consulting organizations, in educational institutions, in research and development departments, in technoparks, in the building materials industry, in trade, and in the service sector. following are the institutions where some graduates work in the public sector: T.R.  Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, T.R. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, T.R. State Railways, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works.

"Experience in the preparation of project reports and proposals in major global companies".

The Department of Mechatronics at KTO Karatay University is one of the leading degree departments in its field in Turkey.  Students are taught to prepare a project proposal and a project report based on the design discipline aligned with practices in large global companies. Additionally, they acquire knowledge in the use of computer-aided design tools (CAD) and important programs such as Autodesk, SolidWorks, MATLAB Simulink, Proteus (ISIS), and LabView (National Instruments).

Students in the Department of Mechatronics have the opportunity to put what they have learned in theory into practice in areas equipped with the latest technological facilities, such as the Centre for Intelligent Technologies (AKITEK) and the university's model factory. In this department, 20% of theoretical engineering courses are complemented by 80% of applications and experiments.

"KTO Karatay mechatronics engineers get to work in areas of wide perspective".

KTO Karatay Mechatronics Engineering graduates get to work in a variety of fields, ranging from defense to medical devices, from power generation systems to the automotive industry. As engineers, they can work in process plant management, planning, optimization, production, control, space studies, navigation systems, military systems, artificial intelligence techniques, escalator systems, smart buildings, high-speed trains, the automotive industry, data communications, and networks. In other words, Karatay students can work in any field of automation.

July 18, 2022