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Konya Chamber of Commerce Karatay University (KTO) has once again proven its success with its academic achievements, as per the data of the Higher Education Institutions 2021 Foundation Report of the Higher Education Council (YÖK).

KTO Karatay University, with the support of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest chambers of commerce in Turkey with more than 26,000 members, offers integrated education with the infrastructure of industry and commerce, fully supported by the business community. KTO Karatay University, with the strength it draws from its own history, continues to work with all its might to achieve the goals of its students and make achievements that will shape the future of humanity.  KTO Karatay University, which is making great strides toward its national and international goals, reflects its success in its statistics.

"KTO Karatay at the top of its game"

KTO Karatay University, unremitting in its studies, is taking its achievements to the top. According to the Higher Education Institutions 2021 Foundation report, KTO Karatay University ranks 5th among universities that invest the most in research and development, while according to YKS Quotas Scholarship Rates, its wide range of scholarship opportunities for its students ranks it 7th among universities with the most scholarships.

KTO Karatay University, which has a total area of 531,908 m2, including 6,832 m2 closed and 435,076 m2 open, has solidified its success by ranking 9th in the 'Ranking of Foundation Colleges by Total Area'.

March 14, 2022