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Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University has once again solidified its success in employment, fastest job search, placement time, and working in a job suitable for their qualifications in the data of the Counsellor Information System (DABİS) of the Presidential Office of Human Resources.

"With the high-quality education it offers, KTO Karatay is always close to success thanks to its high employment rate!"

KTO Karatay University, with the support of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest chambers of commerce in Turkey with more than 26,000 members, offers education integrated into the industrial and commercial infrastructure with full support from the business community and includes new departments, applications and strategic projects based on consultations with the business community. KTO Karatay University's solid human resource structure, physical development, comprehensive understanding of quality in all units, internationalization policy, and educational philosophy that extends to the strategic projects implemented are reflected in the successful statistics of KTO Karatay University.

"KTO Karatay Success as per data from DABIS (Consultant Information System)

Pursuant to data from the Presidential Office of Human Resources Advisor Information System (DABIS), KTO Karatay University is ranked 15th among 153 universities in the employment ranking of universities in Turkey. In KTO Karatay 89% of the students find a job within 12 months and 13% of them find a job before graduation. Again, KTO Karatay University ranks 26th among 153 universities on the list of those who are working in jobs that match their qualifications among other universities in Turkey. On the other hand, by ranking 25th among 153 universities in the ranking of fastest job seekers among universities in Turkey, KTO Karatay University has solidified its success.

February 10, 2022