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The Turkish National Agency has announced the institutions that have not returned the Erasmus+ grants in the last three years. According to the results of the Turkish National Agency, Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO), Karatay University has achieved tremendous success by ranking second among institutions not returning Erasmus grants.

The Turkish National Agency organized a meeting on "Erasmus+ University Mobility (KA131) Project Management" hosted by Istanbul University. The meeting was home to many discussions on innovations in the Erasmus+ program and the sharing of data on the use of project grants in previous years. It was noted that only five universities in Turkey have achieved a 100% usage rate in the grants allocated to universities by the European Commission in the last three years. KTO Karatay University ranked 2nd among these universities.

KTO Karatay University, ranking 2nd on the Erasmus+ list with a 100% utilization rate without returning the Erasmus+ grant, welcomes nearly 650 international students from around 65 countries. KTO Karatay University, which is persistently pursuing its efforts to become a global university and always strives to be among the best in the international scene, conducts joint studies with many countries ranging from France to Spain, from Belgium to Macedonia, under Erasmus+ to promote student learning and staff mobility. The Erasmus+ cooperation, which opens the door to more and more educational programs and resource development projects, offers KTO Karatay University students the opportunity to add an element of an international dimension to their education.

November 03, 2022