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KTO Karatay University's Faculty of Business, Administration, and Social Sciences, which derives its competitiveness from its two main degree programs and staff consisting of competent academics, trains innovative, confident leaders and experts.

"Self-confident Managers and Experts are Trained"

At the Faculty of Economics, Management, and Social Sciences, four-year training programs are conducted in the Turkish-English departments of Business Administration, Insurance and Social Security, Energy Management, Islamic Economics, Finance, International Trade, and Logistics to train the skilled workforce needed by the business community.

All departments train confident managers and professionals who are highly adaptable to the conditions of the global world, who have developed the ability to work out solutions to the problems of the sector, make their equipment competitive, take responsibility, and possess leadership qualities.

"Students of KTO Karatay are on track to rise to the top as the leaders of the future"

Students in the Faculty of Economics, Management, and Social Sciences at KTO Karatay University are given significant opportunities to conduct research at the national and international levels, and studies are conducted to ensure that they master the world literature on their subject areas. The distinguished academic staff, who have conducted academic studies in various countries of the world, guide their students in the framework of the changes taking place in our country and the world, leading them to become leaders who can shape the future in career planning.

"The World's Fastest Growing Sector:  Insurance and Social Security"

The subject of insurance and social security is only offered at the primary school level at two universities in Turkey. The multidisciplinary department trains qualified professionals to cope with the growth dynamics of the insurance sector in our country and the change and transformation in the field of social security.

The Department of Insurance and Social Security, an innovative department designed to train leaders and experts in the management of public and private risks, is one of the most important professional fields of the present and future in our country and offers accreditation opportunities in the fields of insurance with participation and private pensions with participation.

"41% of graduates from the Department of Insurance and Social Security work in public institutions".

Graduates of KTO Karatay University Department of Insurance and Social Security pursue careers in public institutions and organizations, in the private sector, and in their own businesses as entrepreneurs. In addition, the department has significant recruitment potential for staff opened by the Social Security Agency with the special qualification code 4463 in the KPSS. Around 41% of KTO Karatay University graduates have been employed in public institutions thanks to this special qualification code.

"Major Positions in Turkey and Abroad for Graduates of the Department of Business Administration".

The Faculty of Economics, Administration and Social Sciences of KTO Karatay University, Department of Business Administration, aims to train managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs who can keep pace with the evolving needs of the times, build and implement management systems and devise solutions to sectoral problems. Business graduates can take on important positions in the real sector in Turkey and abroad.

Graduates work as entrepreneurs in their own businesses or in national and international companies. In addition, graduates of KTO Karatay work in the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and the Capital Markets Committee.


"The Department that Eliminates the Borders of Trade:    International Trade and Logistics"

With the development of close relations between the countries of the world, the importance of international trade and logistics departments is increasing day by day. At KTO Karatay University, International Trade, and Logistics is taught in Turkish and International Trade and Logistics is taught in English. KTO Karatay University turns its students into leading managers and trade experts who can think analytically, have high application practice, succeed in risk management and devise optimal solutions.

"8 Different Foreign Language Options"

Numerous management opportunities await graduates of KTO Karatay's International Trade and Logistics departments. Due to the novelty of the field, the small number of qualified workers offers graduates a great advantage in employment.

With regard to foreign language learning, which is one of the most basic requirements of the subject, the students of KTO Karatay have the opportunity to improve in various languages with high validity, especially English, and can practice in this area.

Comprehensive Job Opportunities in Career Life

In the Departments of International Trade and Logistics, specialists and managers who can recognize national and international markets, bring together producers and consumers, banks, export-import operations, logistics, and customs clearance operations are trained.

Graduates of International Trade and Logistics work as managers or executives in many fields, e.g. in the marketing departments of international and global companies, in the corresponding departments of customs clearance companies, and in the corresponding departments of international maritime, air, and road transport companies.

"The Department Opened in KTO Karatay for the First Time in Turkey: Energy Management"

The Department of Energy Management, established for the first time at the primary school level at KTO Karatay University in Turkey, is a field of study focused on the efficient use of energy without reducing production. Energy management is an interdisciplinary management that aims to avoid energy losses, recycle waste and minimize energy consumption without reducing performance.

"KTO Karatay University home to YEVDES (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance) Project and Carbon Footprint Studies KTO Karatay University".

KTO Karatay University's capacity in renewable energy and energy efficiency is being developed under the YEVDES project, which is being implemented with financial support from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the European Union. In addition, as part of the Corporate Carbon Footprint Project, the University's energy consumption, primary and secondary footprints are calculated annually, monitored regularly and improvement measures implemented.

"Comprehensive Employment Opportunities for Graduates"

Some of the organizations where graduates of KTO Karatay University are employed are Pipeline Petroleum Transportation Corporation (BOTAŞ), Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ), Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKİ), Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK), Meram Electricity Retail Sales Inc. (MEPAŞ), Meram Electricity Distribution Inc. (MEDAŞ).

"The First University in Turkey to Provide Undergraduate Education in Islamic Economics and Finance:  KTO Karatay"

KTO Karatay University keenly follows the sector and the demands of the times and adopts new programs that derive from consultations with the sector. KTO Karatay University is the first university in Turkey to open the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance at the undergraduate level in 2016. It conducts studies to address the lack of trained human resources in the field of Islamic finance.

 The Department of Islamic Economics and Finance offers a 4-year undergraduate education based on an interdisciplinary approach. KTO Karatay University trains experts who are able to identify multidimensional problems that may be encountered in the fields of Islamic economics, Islamic finance, and participation banking with a national and global outlook, develop long-lasting solutions, and create new models.

"Training programs organized with the support of the sector".

The Department of Islamic Economics and Finance, which includes the Observe the Work in Place program and the 7+1 Sector Focused Learning program, is also attracting attention with its academic studies. The international conferences (KARCIEF) organized by the department are attended by hundreds of people from Turkey and throughout the world who are interested in this field and contribute to the strategic goals of our country.

"7+1 Education Model"

The Department of Islamic Economics and Finance is a sector-oriented degree program that applies the 7+1 model. Students spend a semester in practice, spending 4 days a week in investment banks, stock exchanges, and insurance offices and one day in technoparks. Through this approach, technology companies have the opportunity to see the capital problems of start-ups on the ground, understand how valuable they are in solving the resource problem, and see how they can grow.

July 21, 2022