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Has advanced theoretical and practical knowledge supported with textbooks, application tools and multimedia teaching materials and other resources with basic and up-to-date information in the field of health.


It has the ability to evaluate the nature, source, boundaries, correctness, reliability and validity of information.


It has access to scientific knowledge in the field of health, follow current literature, evaluate and use this information


Acquire the ability to interpret and evaluate scientifically proven data in the direction of advanced knowledge and skills in the field of health, to identify and analyze problems, to develop solution proposals based on research and evidence-based professional and ethical values, to share knowledge and teamwork.


It uses information technology related to health and research area at an effective level.


Provides health education for individual, family and community by using advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of health.


Provides solutions to specific field issues in the direction of scientific evidence / evidence.


Taking responsibility for the work as a team member in cooperation with other professional groups independently by carrying out an independent study using advanced knowledge of the health field.


Responsible as individuals and team members to solve complex problems that are unforeseen in health field related applications.


It organizes, supervises, manages and monitors activities and evaluates activities related to the development of employees under the responsibility of a project.


It fulfills its responsibility to produce scientific knowledge specific to its field, and conducts research that will provide opportunities to improve the quality of life of the society.


It evaluates advanced knowledge and skills of the health field with a critical point of view.


It sets learning objectives and shows that you are learning to learn.


Identify learning resources, provide effective and fast access to resources.


It shows that you are embracing life-long learning, is open to development and learning, and sustains this behavior.


Informs the persons and institutions concerned about health field issues; pass on ideas and suggestions for solutions to problems in writing and orally; listens to the thoughts, expectations and expectations of the people and institutions concerned


It shares ideas with healthcare professionals and experts who are experts in the team work and as active process members by supporting quantitative and qualitative solutions to suggestions for solutions to problems.


It organizes and implements projects and activities in cooperation with other professional groups for the social environment in which they live with social responsibility consciousness.


They follow the information in the field by using a foreign language effectively enough and communicates with colleagues.


Uses the information and communication technologies required by the field.


It monitors and evaluates the events / developments in the health community and the world's agenda.


He/she has the knowledge and skills to communicate interculturally, both verbally and in writing.


It records its professional activities and practices effectively and safely.


They cooperate with the relevant disciplines in the fields of health, collecting, commenting, applying and disseminating and act in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values.


It behaves and participates in quality management and processes.


As well as infants and children, the individual and the public have adequate consensus on health, environmental protection and work safety issues.


As an individual, he/she acts in accordance with laws, regulations, legislation and professional codes of ethics regarding his duties, rights and responsibilities.


Professional identity and collections become examples to colleagues.


It is empowering to understand the relationship between healthy and / or sick individual about the structure,physiological functions and behavior the individual's health and the physical and social environment.


After graduation, they participate in internal, local, national and international trainings; credits and documents them.


It knows the importance of ethical principles and ethics committees in the fields of education, practice and research for individuals and society.


It is aware of the need to provide medical care free of charge and to make efforts to reach health care services to people and societies whose socioeconomic status is not good.