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The education period of the faculty is six years and consists of three stages:
1. Basic Medical Sciences: It consists of three terms, namely Term I, Term II and Term III, each covering an academic year.
2. Clinical Medical Sciences: It consists of two semesters, Term IV and Term V, each of which includes applied fields such as clinics and outpatient clinics and laboratory studies, each covering an academic year.
3. Internship period: It consists of Term VI, which includes clinical, polyclinic and laboratory studies and covers a period of 12 months during which theoretical and practical training is provided.
In terms I, II and III, education is carried out with an integrated system. In the integrated system, Problem-Based Teaching and vocational skills trainings are also provided. In Term IV, V and VI, education is carried out in the form of internships.
Grade pass principle is applied in all semesters.