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Dear Students,

The Early Childhood Development Program offers students the knowledge and skills necessary to raise children to be healthy individuals who form the basis of society, in addition to relevant theoretical and practical education. The main objective of our program is to produce graduates who possess sufficient knowledge and professional skills, who are open to development, who are aware of their responsibilities and who can be entrusted with our children whom we see as the future.

In the program, in addition to professional knowledge for our students, they also learn more about the place of the child in society, the importance of the child for the future of society, ways to protect the child from neglect and abuse, and skills in social affairs such as effective communication. In addition, there is a cooperation between the courses taught as part of the program and the Children's Education and Research Centre (KARÇEM) affiliated with our university thanks to which our students have the opportunity to reinforce what they learn in theory with practice.

Our graduates can work as assistant teachers in Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers and private nursery schools and kindergartens, as instructors in kindergartens affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, as care providers in Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Centers, inpatient treatment institutions and the General Directorate of Children's Services, and as designers in children's publications and toy sectors. In addition, our graduates are offered various employment opportunities in kindergartens, preschools and nurseries, guidance and counselling centers, and children's homes. Our graduates can also open their own private kindergartens.

I welcome all our students who have become a part of the Child Development Program at KTO Karatay University Professional School of Health Services and wish all our students all the success in this department full of love.

Head of Children and Youth Services Program
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hatice YALÇIN