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1. In the field of basic and updated theoretical and practical information necessary for child development, education and training using the tools and resources required.

2. Accuracy of information gained about child development, reliability and validity information on the comparative evaluation and interpretation.

3. Children's development, learning characteristics and challenges of knowledge.

4. Child development, physical, cognitive, language, social-emotional, sensory development areas, covering advanced knowledge and skills using evidence-based interprets data, and evaluates developmental problems, analyze, develop recommendations and solutions for typical and atypical developing children ethical values and teamwork.

5. In accordance with the theoretical and practical information in the field of child development, both typical and atypical developmental assessment of children with different methods and tools, preparation and Support programs, family counseling has the ability to making and inform the society.

6. In the field of child development, both typical and atypical children in case of problems for their evidence-based approach has the ability of producing different solutions.

7. Child development in the field of trans-disciplinary studies carries out the duties and responsibility effectively.

8. Using the information gained in the field of advanced child development, conducts independent studies individually and as a group

9. Identify own learning needs and directs the learning process and critically evaluate the information they have.

10. By using effective ways of access to information, develop a positive attitude toward lifelong learning.

11. Internalizes the advanced theoretical and practical information in the field of child development, learned and often exhibits.

12. Social responsibility social, professional, project, research, plan, implement and evaluate activities and monitor the process.

13. By informing the people and institutions relevant to the field of child development, thoughts and solutions for the problems and recommendations with supporting quantitative and qualitative data, specialist and non-specialist as shares with an active element of the process.

14. Appearance, attitude, behaviour, and society as an example of democracy, human rights, social, scientific and ethical values, relevant laws, regulations and directives in accordance with the act.

15. Quality management and processes, baby, children and families, including individual, environmental protection and work safety nature of these processes meets and joins.