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# Program Learning Outcomes
1 Related to the field of child development concepts, theories, and national and international practices and relationships between the concepts knows.
2 Based on qualifications earned at the secondary school level in the field of textbooks containing current information, application tools and other resources supported by basic theoretical and practical knowledge
3 Knows the applications with different characteristics of children towards society. For these children, the state has the ability to produce different solutions to the problem.
4 Training programmes related to the field of child development, teaching methods and techniques, and measurement and evaluation.
5 Taking into account individual differences and developmental characteristics of children training programs prepares, implements, and evaluates.
6 The philosophy of child development and related educational programs, the general characteristics and uses of elements in the training program.
7 In consideration of the developmental characteristics of children, principles of early childhood education, learning and individual differences teaching strategies, methods and techniques to apply, versatile evaluates.
8 Children in accordance with their age and development, interest and needs and considering the conditions in which they are located, and organize appropriate learning environments and materials for the purposes of Education develops.
9 Taking into account developmental characteristics and individual differences of children with special needs training program prepares, implements, and evaluates.
10 Children good habits, will be eligible to make the guidance to take preventive measures against bad behavior.
11 In order to solve unexpected issues that arise in child development applications for individual and group tasks responsibility issues, based on research evidence and offer solutions
12 Child development, physical, cognitive, language, social-emotional, sensory development areas, covering advanced knowledge and skills using evidence-based interprets data, and evaluates developmental problems, analyze, develop recommendations and solutions for typical and atypical developing children ethical values and teamwork.
13 The original product about child development projects and activities, develops, and manages the work, and monitor and evaluate the process.
14 The proper and effective uses of the Turkish language students, establish healthy communication with the environment; relevant national and international literature follows.
15 Early childhood/ pre-selects and uses modern techniques and tools which are required for school education. At least one computer software of Information Technologies (European computer driving licence advanced Level) to effectively use.
16 A post-graduate institution, continuously develop their professional knowledge and skills by participating in national and international trainings and effectively uses it.
17 Pre-school education on the game, place and importance of the child's rehabilitation and self-expression as a tool he knows how to use in game.
18 The component of the early childhood field and know the stakeholders, determines. Relevant competent all of the participants, contributors, participation in the process of planning, organizes events, and implements.
19 Family-friendly uses effective teaching and communication methods that may be required in guidance and counselling studies.