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Dear Students,

Communication and design in its simple form is a field in which the concepts of design and management are blended together. Developing new ideas and strategies for all media environments that will eventually join the business world with advances in communication technology, turning them into design products, and managing this process are the main functions of this discipline.

In the digital world that new media brings to the business world, the design requirements of evolving platforms and domains are created and managed by people who work professionally in the fields of communication and design. The digital orientation of many business areas, especially social media, and e-commerce, the emergence of the concept of 'digital marketing', content management, brand or service promotion, and meeting and managing long-term communication needs are important factors for the development of this field. It explores the communication and design, industry solutions and strategies that enable innovation, as well as the dynamic processes that lead to organizational success and the creation of effectively designed products, services, environments, and brands that improve our quality of life. 

KTO Karatay University Communication and Design Department has opened its doors to impart world-class knowledge and skills to its students through its expert faculty and international standard training programs. The Communication and Design Department trains professionals specialized in design and management who have the knowledge to contribute to the sector as effective participants.

We are happy to see the development of our students who are moving towards their dreams in this unique curriculum every year. I wish our students the best of luck in their educational life and their career journey after graduation.

Head of Communication and Design Department

Assistant Professor Bülent BİNGÖL