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# Program Learning Outcomes
1 Knows multimedia techniques used in communication design.
2 Knows the basic principles and elements of basic design, theory, and theorists
3 Sees the connection between design and aesthetic values.
4 Has knowledge about the connections between symbols and universal visual culture.
5 Knows national and international ethical rules and standards in communication design.
6 Has the ability to use the tools, methods, techniques, and computer software required for communication design applications.
7 Has the ability to produce creative and original ideas and transform them into 2 and 3 dimensional, animated, and interactive media by using the visual elements and current techniques used in design.
8 Has competence in problem solving, planning, project management and presentation in the process of developing a design project.
9 Examines projects in the field of communication design with a critical approach.
10 Applies design technologies and communication design techniques in new media environments.
11 Have knowledge of all dimensions of verbal and nonverbal communication and can put it into practice.
12 Reaching, evaluating and interpreting existing data on problems, changes and developments in all fields including communication; collect new data if necessary, develop solutions with the obtained data.