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1. Explains the concepts and the relations between concepts based on the qualifications obtained in secondary education.

2. Identifies the techniques and the methods regarding the production of scientific knowledge.

3. Has knowledge concerning theory, methods, strategies and techniques related to the field

4. Has knowledge about communication features and communication problems of institutions and/or the public.

5. Has competent knowledge of the use of the media and the medium. 

6. Recognizes the structural, managerial and technical features of the institutions operating in the field. 

7. Recognizes the national, international, social and intercultural dimensions of communication. 

8. Utilizes the theoretical and practical applications of information and resources related to the field.

9. Has the ability to identify and explain the relationships between events and facts related to the field.

10. Explains original ideas which are related to the field in a creative way.

11. Develops and implements appropriate methods and techniques for individual, group, or institutional features, taking into account differences in needs or appropriate communication strategies.

12. Takes responsibility for the applications related to the field as an individual or team member.

13. Takes responsibility for and carries out individual or group work related to the field.

14. Evaluates the knowledge and skills gained in the field in a critical approach.

15. Determines and directs learning needs.

16. Plans and manages activities for professional development as an individual and a member of a team.

17. Knows the way to access information, keeps track of new methods and technologies related to the field.

18. Develops positive attitudes and behavior related to lifelong learning. 

19. Informs the relevant people and institutions on issues related to the field, transfers thoughts and suggestions for solutions to problems both in written and oral form and uses language effectively.

20. Shares thoughts with experts and non-experts on issues and suggestions for solutions to problems related to the field supported by quantitative and qualitative data.

21. Communicates with colleagues and tracks the current, up-dated information related to the field by employing at least one language at the LevelB1 of the European Language Portfolio.

22. Uses information and communication technologies with computer software as a requirement of the field at least to European Computer User License Advanced Level.

23. Follows participates actively and organizes cultural and social activities. 

24. Monitors and reviews national and international agenda.

25. Recognizes and adapts to the communication styles of different cultures.

26. Adheres to democracy, human rights, social, scientific, and professional ethical values. 

27. Plans and carries out projects and activities for socially responsible environment.

28. Uses technologies related to the field in a competent manner.

29. Is aware of and acts in accordance with regulations and legislation related to the field.