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KTO Karatay University Vocational School of Justice is one of the modern and dynamic vocational schools in Turkey. Our vocational school employs a highly qualified and skilled teaching staff. Our courses are taught by instructors from KTO Karatay University and experts from the field.

Graduates of our Vocational School of Justice can work in various departments of the Ministry of Justice, e.g. the Directorate of Ecclesiastical Affairs, the Directorate of the Executive Office, the Protocol Department, the Directorate of Prisons, along with the legal departments of public institutions and organizations, notaries, law firms, banks, companies, etc.  Likewise, graduates of our Vocational School of Justice may vertically transfer to law schools provided that they meet the necessary requirements.

Our Vocational School of Justice is rising to the top as the blueprint thanks to these practices. Our academics never cease to be the biggest supporters of our students in our vocational school, which we believe makes a difference, especially in the areas of "applied education" and "preparation for professional exams".  With that in mind, I wish our students all the best in their educational quest. Best regards.

Lecturer Şehnaz KÖSEOĞLU

Deputy Head of Vocational School of Justice