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The purpose of the Vocational School of Justice, which was established in 2011, is to train students with basic legal knowledge that public institutions and private sector needed. In this respect, it is aimed to train the qualified intermediate manpower that is needed especially in the Ministry of Justice. The Vocational School of Justice does not have a preparatory class and it provides both theoretical and practical qualified education to students for a period of two years. The Vocational School of Justice has highly qualified academic staff. Our courses are thought mostly by the faculty members of KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law.

The most important feature of the Vocational School of Justice is giving a great importance to "Applied Education". In this frame, besides other practical courses, "UYAP Applications" and "Filing and Archiving" courses are included in our course catalog. Apart from this, our students have the possibility to see the application phase of the theoretical knowledge they have learned in the Konya Courthouse which is five minutes walking distance from the vocational school. In addition, a variety of studies are being carried out in order to prepare students for vocational exams after graduation. In this frame our course catalog also includes "Vocational Exam Techniques" course which allows our students to become more successful in the professional examinations.

The Vocational High School of Justice graduates can take positions in various units of the Ministry of Justice such as registry office, debt collection office, court clerk, and department of corrections. Besides they can also work in the legal departments of public and private institutions, notaries, law firms, banks, and private companies. Other than that, students who graduated from the Vocational School of Justice may transfer to the Faculty of Law vertically if they meet the necessary requirements. In addition, our graduates have the opportunity to complete their undergraduate studies from Anadolu University Open Education Faculty.