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Dear Students,

Chronic kidney disease is a major public health problem that has turned into an epidemic both in our country and in the world. Healthcare professionals who can provide dialysis services to patients with kidney failure, whose numbers are rapidly increasing in our country, must be specially trained and highly competent.

In addition to the teaching of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills and competencies, students are practically trained in the dialysis laboratory to enhance their theoretical knowledge utilizing applications. During the education and training period, particularly prior to clinical practice, laboratory studies are conducted for courses that require 2 years of practice on models under the supervision of our academics who are experts in their field. Our students thus acquire the necessary skills before they engage in clinical practice.

Our graduates can work under the supervision of a medical specialist in dialysis departments of public and private healthcare institutions and organizations. In addition, our students can work as dialysis technicians in dialysis departments of public or private healthcare facilities or open their own private dialysis department.

I wish all our students successful academic studies and hope

that they will keep benefiting from our academics.

Head of the Dialysis
Assist. Prof. Dr.